John I've enjoyed my fetheads for quite a few months now. I am even more amazed how they sound for each session they're in use (which is often!) Now i'm thinking about buying more.. AEA KU5A. Thanks! Ribbon mics have undergone a massive revival in recent years, but in some quarters they are still stereotyped as specialist guitar‑amp or drum mics. can deliver the audio spectrum in detail, for both live sound and studio recording.. AEA KU5A. Best thing for my AEA R84's and SM7 ever! This is the ZenPro mod SM57, which is transformerless (and voids the warranty). I will be picking up another one. We remove the transformer and straight wire it to the XLR connector, plain and simple. The KU5A is an exciting and innovative microphone that … The KU5A is a rather unique design in the world of Ribbon microphones, as not many non-bipolar Ribbons exist, and even less Super-Cardioid. AEA KU5A. Over half a decade of pushing the envelope has led to the latest ribbon mic in the AEA's arsenal: the AEA KU5A Supercardioid Ribbon Microphone. The bi-directionality of most Ribbon microphones can sometimes be more of a burden than a blessing when used in smaller-unattractive sounding rooms.

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