This backing plate is … 5 Inch Dual Action Flexible Backing Plate (Hook & Loop Velcro) Featuring a robust urethane construction, the 5 Inch Dual Action Flexible Backing Plate … Re: 3 or 3.5" Backing Plates on PC 7424XP I use the 3.5", only because Buff and Shine doesn't have much selection for 3" pads. LC-43-148DA Dual Action 6 inch Hook & Loop Flexible Backing Plate … Please note that in order to use the Porter Cable 7424XP you will need to purchase a 5 inch backing plate and 5.75 inch foam pads (SOLD SEPARATELY). The plate is large enough to stabilize the pad, but small enough to provide an adequate buffer zone between the edge of the foam and the edge of the plate. The Porter Cable 7424xp includes a wrench, polishing pad, side handle, and owner’s manual. These pad are great for the Porter Cable 7424 … The Flexible Backing Plate LC-43-125DA measures 5 Inches in Diameter and is perfect for pads up to 7.5. The machine is also less "tippy" with a 4" pad. This plate holds a a 5/16” threaded screw to allow easy attachment to common DA polishers such as the Porter Cable 7424 XP, Griot's Garage 6”, Griot's Garage 3”, and Meguiar's G110v2. The Flexible Backing Plate LC-43-148DA measures 6 Inches in Diameter and is perfect for pads 7.5" up to 8.5. Please view "Sell in Kits" to see the money-saving kits … Use any of our Low Profile 5.5 inch pads with this plate. The 5 inch backing plate is ideal for the Porter Cable 7424.

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