Yes, two (easy) ways to hookup a powered sub in a 2-channel setup. Turn on Speaker A and observe the sound on the front speakers. Once with your sub and again with your mains.This is generally not considered a good thing for the realistic reproduction of sound/music. This is a device that goes into your signal path between pre and power amp, or in a tape loop in your integrated. There are many ways to integrate subs into your two channel system. It’s now approaching the level of a Xilica, but still not there. Check your wiring one last time as explained in the steps above. Here’s a good review of the JL Audio CR-1 at Ultra Audio. Re: Subwoofer for 2 channel stereo Something to consider when adding a sub. The Xilica processors are the next step up (XP-2040 for example), and above those the DEQX and Trinnov. Any thoughts on the Sub Buddy from Transcendent Sound? I'm auditioning the REL305, and have followed their setup, and while the bass is okay, I hear a lot of distortion at higher volumes. Your email address will not be published. How about the new miniDSP 2×4 HD? And your mains are receiving the full range source signal and are generating sound from 4KHz to 35 Hz. How To Add A Subwoofer If You Don't Have A Preamp/Subwoofer Out . Once everything looks good to go, turn on the power. Bass traps and such might be more what you need? Top. Where on Earth did you find this for $100.00? My room is about 8'h x 14 x 18 or 2000 cubic feet. This type of subwoofer crossover resides on a PC or Mac and is performed by playback software such as JRiver Media Center or Pure Music. Most multi-channel DACS are not particularly user friendly and don’t have basic features like output muting when power is disconnected. If you do, there’s a problem in likely all the components of the design. I want to connect it to my yamaha system. If you cross over a sub at a higher level than the main speakers are capable of, you must attenuate or eliminate the signal to mains in that region, otherwise, you will be doubling the reproduction of sound the that region. We like the JL Audio CR-1. Flipping them 180 also improved the sound - but maybe not the bass. The key to a good subwoofer experience is not just getting a good subwoofer, but placement and/or equalization can make a passable one sound OK and a good one sound bad. I have an old style Yamaha stereo receiver, and a passive subwoofer. 12 thoughts on “Three ways to add a subwoofer crossover to your two channel system” nathan says: ... compared to a DSP crossover or JL Audio CR1. Almost no music really gets down much below that level. They are perfect for a reference quality system or if you are wary of digitizing the output of your turntable. You are now generating the source signal from 90 Hz to 35Hz twice. These solutions are definitely more complex than the active analog crossovers discussed above, and to properly optimize all their feature you’ll generally need the support of a knowledgeable dealer. Two-Channel Stereo Receiver and Powered Subwoofer connections on the Speaker B ports. We normally start at 80Hz, but the best frequency will depend on the speakers, subs and room. What other lower cost options for crossover have you considered or used? Many subs are equipped with xo's which are adjustable and are used to match the point the where the mains stop reproduction of the source signal and sub begins to take over. The DEQX processors like the HDP-4 and PreMATE are fully featured digital pre-amps with onboard DACs that include speaker / room correction. When you connect a subwoofer to a two-channel stereo, the AV receivers are in the duty of redirecting the bass of the sound and the low frequency sounds to the sub. Maybe some day... Something to consider when adding a sub.If you cross over a sub at a higher level than the main speakers are capable of, you must attenuate or eliminate the signal to mains in that region, otherwise, you will be doubling the reproduction of sound the that region. Find Out what Acoustic Frontiers can do for you, August 6, 2015  12 Comments | Leave a Comment. It has 2 connectors (a + and a -. Running speakers full range with subs coming in underneath limits your choice of crossover point for the subs, and if your speakers are ported can result in severe integration challenges due to phase cancellation around the crossover point. The volume control is best done in the DAC, unless you have a multi-channel pre-amp. Add to this, the fact that the sub's bass level changes with changes in listening position. Many I've seen crossover at around 60 or even 85HZ, which would not be ideal for you. The miniDSPs, whilst great value, are not the most transparent and their insertion “losses” might not be acceptable to someone with a higher end audio system. 1) Run the speaker wire from your amp to the sub, then another set of speaker cables to your speakers. If you have a favorite method to integrate subs not covered here, or other recommended products please share by adding a comment below. So then I turned off the REL and the difference with and without was not very important. I think I'll slow down on this subwoofer and learn to use/position etc. Typical symptoms are no sound, requiring a computer reboot. I use an SPL meter and a test disc with 1/3 octave tones to help balance the bass and speaker levels, but you can just do it by ear . Thanks. In many cases, depending on the capabilities of the mains, it is advantageous to use the sub up to 100 Hz, as this will 'relieve' your mains of the work required to reproduce the low level sound, and thus improve their performance in the mid and upper frequencies, delivering an overall higher quality reproduction the the music from your speakers. If you have questions about your amp and sub, PLEASE MENTION THE BRAND AND MODEL. Guys, you may be forgetting one thing: To add a mono sub woofer to a 2 channel system be that as it may that with modern recordings most all low frequency content is dead center which means that there are identical signals on both left and right channels, when these 2 channel signals are summed together they will phase cancel.

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