7 Pack. Toxin-Free, Sticky Pheromone Traps that attract and kill Carpet Moths and Clothes Moths. Clothes moth larvae need the Vitamin B found in soilage to survive. If you’re looking to avoid an infestation (or a resurgence), then understand that prevention is the key to your fight against clothing moths. £13.99 #44. Webbing clothes moth larvae don’t carry a case. PREVENTING CLOTHES MOTHS. Zero In Clothes Moth Killer 500ml (Chemical-Free Treatment Repels Clothing Moths, Larvae and Eggs) 4.3 out of 5 stars 482. Regarding the size of the rooms you’re wanting to treat; you will need a machine for the bedroom and one for the closet because the coverage will be limited to the space where they’re deployed. Ambush Pro CARPET AND CLOTHES MOTH TRAPS. Let’s start with convenience. Step 1 - Identify the Clothes Moth. Clothes moth damage is a common problem but it's not one you'll want to leave unchecked. As moth control experts, we know every concern that clients have about clothes moth extermination and tailored our treatments to be sympathetic to every one. Casemaking clothes moth larvae create and carry with them a feeding case that takes on the colour of the fabric they have eaten. 4.1 out of 5 stars 120. We also recommend freezing as an all-natural anti-moth treatment to destroy clothes moths, larvae, and eggs. £6.99 #43. The time involved to resolve clothes moth issues is usually 1-2 months at least and that’s assuming you do the right treatment to start. Clothes moths are one of the three main fabric pests, the other two being hide beetles and carpet beetles. While costly, a thorough treatment with chemical insecticides may be the ultimate solution to control these bug. Steaming can help but is not a certain treatment to kill clothes moth larvae - it depends on the thoroughness of the treatment, duration of exposure to the steam and depth of the steam reaching into the garment’s fibers without risking damage to your precious garments. If we begin in the morning, one complete round of our typical treatment can be completed and your house safe to enter again by the time you get back from work. The webbing clothes moth is prolific across the US and is the most likely clothes moth you will find, followed by the case-bearing clothes moth which will attack carpets and clothes. The best prevention for clothes moth damage is vacuuming the home regularly and cleaning woolen garments before storing them in airtight containers. Brown house moths and white-shouldered moths are less common but potentially equally damaging. Instead, they produce patches of silken webbing that carry bits of the fabric they feed on. The larvae emerge from either side of the case to feed and then retreat into it to hide.

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