I hope this helps. The links below should help you diagnose this. Trying to find the cause and bumped into this site. Share it! It ended up being one of the easiest fixes ever. This exact thing happened to me, clicks, light blinks 5 times (RPM sensor Error/Motor Overload). 10 min job. I think it would look funny to have the island sticking out farther than that counter. Found this page after digging, subscribed just to see what ppl were talking about and poof the magical answer. Took pics as i moved along. Would 36" clearance around island be too cramped? I re-seated the large ribbon cable and re-assembled the back and was back in business. When i press the remotes the learn led flashes 5 times. I am so glad I found this website. Anne, Bad solder joint stopped my opener when the temperature dropped below 0F.Mine was on the solder pad at the top right in the picture. The door goes up and down now just like it always has! Zermatt4President! Hold your head high you deserve it, I hope you have a wonderfull day :), Hey guys. Above every one are correct! Yesterday my Chamberlain opener stopped after opening the door part way, subsequently refusing to operate with only a clicking sound from the opener after pressing the wall control. My mechanical skills are limited, but I gave this a go. In my case there are 2 circuit boards. Anyway, it was helpful to see that your final decision was to go with a wider work space at 42.5" - although I was hoping it was going to be narrower and you would say that that works fine lol! I'm sure something needs to be replaced but not sure what it may be. (not at all connected to the control board). it would go up a third of the way, maybe, then I’d have to bring it back down and then boom 5 blinking lights... bought new compatible lasers sensors and still nada. I removed the logic board plastic holder (just 2 screws from outside). Add me to the list! Craftsman living room lighting - can lights, pendant, or chandelier? 10 Popular Home Design Trends — Timely or Timeless? A bit oxidation was the clue. I did what you said and it worked flawlessly actually the solder point issue was exactly at the same point as yours . Tom. As JeffN mentioned above, the cold solder joint was scarcely visible except for a very slight discoloration seen with a magnifying glass at the very base of the solder dome. I have a Lift master 1/2hp from 1999 . Much quieter. Had a lightening storm, tripped a breaker, and now it's dead it seems. I soldered that bad spot and the spot he said, just to cover all the bases, and like magic door works repeatedly no issues. There is a plug/wire I had to pull to even see the male tab that the female end of the white wire goes on. Alright, throw my thankfulness in there too. And then sat on a table and removed the 4-5 screws of logic board. Thanks, baksharp. (Right before the opener stops working, I open the garage door and accidentally hit a button on the 3 button remote that I normally don't use to close it about 5 minutes later and the opener started to act that way. I tried holding the same button for 2 seconds just in case that is the "locked" button for vacation and the opener still behaves the same. (i can also add more photo's if need be). Thanks @zermatt and folks shared the info. My 1/2 HP Craftsman garage door opener stopped working the other day and gave me the "led blinking 5 times" code. Thanks again really appreciate it. Guess I would always start there first lol, This cold solder joint was exactly the problem with my garage door opener I want to think u4 posting this you save me $150 you're awesome, Mine clicked and blinked 5 times with no other action. You can't just put a coat of paint on much of this and the painting should be done after the lions share of work is finished. The five flashes does mean that there is a miscommunication with the RPM sensor, but since you replaced it, then you made need to replace the logic board. Pulled out PCB and checked the solder connections. LED light: LiftMaster Light Blinking. Both these ideas do not allow for an airspace between the radiant barrier and the deck or shingles, and without the airspace the barrier loses its reflectivity. I have three inches less width than you do to accomodate an island and wanted to see how you fit it. Your comment from 4YEARS AGO saved me lots of money and time. Over time lead-free solder fractures with vibration and/or temperature cycling, causing failures. Since we have a home warranty we arranged an appointment and they told us it's a burned transformer and not a normal wear and tear and they do not cover it. Craftsman 139.53684 garage door opener manual. My My My.... 10 years after the original post by zermatt and his help is still helping others, including myself!!! since I have solder iron at home that I took the PCB out from the unit, an oxidized spot which is the back of connection pin(white wire) is noted. If it does, then check the windings. Even so, the logic board looked the same, so I pulled it out last night. Get more answers from the people in your networks.

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