Do you have any questions or comments? And this won’t do good in your relationship with the giftee. SITUATION WHEN YOU DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME, SUBJECT USED TO DISLIKE NOW HAVE INTEREST, A CONVERSATION TOPIC THAT YOU WERE NOT INTERESED IN, SOMEONE OR SOMETHING THAT MADE A LOT OF NOISE, A TIME YOU TOOK A RISK THAT MAY HAVE GONE WRONG, AN ARTICLE ON HEALTH YOU READ IN MAGAZINES OR THE INTERNET, SKILL THAT TOOK A LONG TIME LEARNING /PRACTICAL SKILL, – ; – ❤️, [ – ; – ] RECENT IELTS SPEAKING TOPICS & QUESTIONS, [ – ; – ] RECENT IELTS SPEAKING CUE CARDS & QUESTIONS,, IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 INSECTS [ANSWERS] | ieltsdragon, IELTS A CROWDED PLACE YOU WENT TO [ANSWERS], 10 Basic Investing Questions You Should Ask to Yourself - Pinay Teenvestor. I was at a loss for words when I received it and I really couldn’t thank them enough for giving me that extremely valuable present. Your email address will not be published. Then, you will have no other choice but to gun down this expensive habit. And if it’s an expensive gift it can put the receiver under real financial pressure too. 5 Questions to Ask a ‘New Artist’ Before Buying Art, Masters of Indian Art – Sawlaram Lakshman Haldankar, The Three Most Important Things Every Homeowner Must Know Before Spending Money on Wall Art, 3 Fine Art Paintings You Could Always Gift to a Christian Family, 5 Places in Your Home Where You Should Never Hang Art Paintings. However, it is important to distance yourself from these assumptions. Last year she got an iPad and the year before that, it was some other expensive jewellery. Do you think buying more expensive gifts will buy more love from the recipient? Having good knowledge about topic vocabulary words and collocations can surely help you express your answers clearly. In the case of my friend, she gets these expensive gifts only from her uncle. Quite often the receiver feels bad for not having bought something and has to go out and shop under pressure. A couple of years back, a group of psychologists organized a study to find out the trends and results of gift giving. i.) Art for Home Decor: Are You Making these Common Mistakes? Gift cards may be seen as more thoughtful than cash gifts, but there’s always the risk of getting your employee a gift card to a store they don’t shop at. All they could remember was those memorable t-shirts and CDs they have received. Read this…, on 10 Types of Friends and the Types of Gifts for Them, 10 Ways You Can Give Personalized Gifts with Photos, Friendship Day: The Types of Coworkers and the Types…, How to Properly Choose Frames for Your Art Paintings, 15 Widely Accepted Indian Housewarming Gifts, on What You can Learn about Friendship from Bollywood Movies, How to Write Friendship Day Greeting Card for a…, Marriage Greetings: How to Congratulate Newlyweds…, The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Framed Art for a…, 6 Ways You can Improve Your Home with Art Prints, Framed Fine Art or Stretched Canvas Prints: Which…, on 6 Ways You can Improve Your Home with Art Prints, How Understanding Color Psychology Helps You Build a…, on 10 Practical Gifts for Indian Newlyweds Moving to a New Home, 10 of the Most Amazing Women Painters the World Has…. Then later,…, The wedding season is back, yet again! Well I’m proud to say that I’m an expert in choosing gifts that can surely bring a smile to the face of the receiver. These twitches and tics might add up over time and can grow up to a considerable rift. According to her, she never got any expensive gifts from her mother. It definitely is going to hurt. The speaker gave his assumption ( I suppose) as he’s not entirely sure the reason. I usually give some presents that are of reasonable price and decent. And so they can tend to give really shitty gifts. However, he just chose one being the best among bests by using a conditional tense, which is a very good grammatical structure that would help him achieve a good mark in the criterion, Grammar & Accuracy. You bet I do like expensive stuff. Some simple gifts like a dress or home décor would’ve made her happy. He continued expressing his thought by stating that he mostly chose gifts that are decent and simply ended his answer by describing himself as a wise giver. The expensive gifts are neither a thoughtful gift nor they have the makings of a memorable gift. Spending a lot of money on presents is easier than putting a lot of thought into what you give, which is why some people like to pretend that expensive gifts are what their partners expect. By describing the time on how he received it, he’s able to make his answer longer. If someone gifts you something expensive, are you supposed to do the same in return? Right after that, he enumerated the different kinds of gifts that are common to give in his country, classifying different age groups. Do you…, “What size painting should I buy?”, “Which would look good for my home?”, “Where to hang?“: You also might have dozen of questions like these to ask. The recipients are always equally grateful to you if you give an iPod or a simple music CD. And if this happens, think about what the recipient of your expensive gift would feel? – something that can be touched  The speaker gave a direct answer to the question and gave the examiner an idea on how he got that present and how he felt when he received it. Back to your case. Then why would you think about buying expensive gifts? Catalog [noun] – a complete list of items, At a loss for words [idiom] – to be surprised, Can’t thank them enough [expression] – used to say when one is very appreciative of another’s action or words, To be taken aback [phrase] – to be very surprised, Flash into my mind [expression] – to enter one’s mind for an instant. And that’s IELTS Speaking Part 1 GIFT! I guess flowers, chocolates, and jewelry for women as these are a tangible symbol of love, while  wallet or watches for men since these are very much useful to a man’s everyday life. If you’d like to give the gift of a home gym upgrade, consider a yoga mat. Advertisers also know about the satisfaction of the deal — something that looks like an expensive gift but the person purchased it for a deal.” Gifts can also bring on feelings of negativity for both the giver and recipient when the gift is much more or much less than they expected. The speaker gave a direct positive answer to the question and expressed his main reason. You have seen guys buying expensive gifts for their wives on occasions. Here's our guide to the 45 best luxury gifts on the market right now. Would you prefer: - something expensive (let's say $150) that any person would like (video-game, a phone, a spa voucher). They are not memorable gifts either. Questions start building up in your mind. IELTS Speaking Part 1 Gift: Below are the sample answers talking about gifts or gift-giving. It all sounds too easy. Besides, I don’t want to be construed as stingy since stinginess connotes selfishness, but, that’s just my principle anyway. You won’t be able to. Did you find this helpful? I’ve seen it cause problems in relationships. You make plans, right? Now that you have some great ideas, practice answering these questions on your own and develop your confidence. She always got some simple handmade or thoughtful gifts from her. So do you want that to happen? It’s also a way to show that they care about the people who mean so much to them. Bring a smile to your face/lips [phrase] – to make you smile. ii.) Yes I do because I feel like giving expensive gifts means giving importance to the person who receives the gift. But, what if her uncle fails to buy one for her? What’s the best present you have ever received? They start to think that they did something wrong and they let you down in somewhere. Suddenly, everyone starts expecting one of those expensive gizmos from you every time. It makes you consider what the person really likes. I have two 300 dollar watches. Or maybe it is because you think expensive gifts make memorable gifts. There you see an overwhelming collection of original art and prints. What kinds of gifts are popular in your country? The Ted talk is interesting. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The speaker used an expression that expressed his surprise. However, unfortunately, it is not the only problem expensive gifts create. I like to send happy gifts. Her mom and dad might feel inferior in front of those expensive gifts. Personally I’m with Vanguardfan, something meaningful rather than expensive is appreciated much more. Building expectations is one thing that can create problems in your relationship. Then, Let me tell you – this would the same greeting your friend Rahul will get from other friends. It’s the thought that counts [saying] – the effort of a person in giving is more valuable than the gift itself, Monetary (value) [adj] – refers to the worth; price, Reasonable [adj.] But secretly, these husbands are trying to cover up some of their own mistakes. She knows that her uncle loves her, even without these expensive gifts. If you can’t afford to buy expensive gifts, don’t buy. – good enough The same applies to gifting. Plenty of people do. Her parents or any other relative do not have the financial strength to buy expensive gifts.

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