When deciding on whether to counter a card or wait for removal, keep in mind that you have more creature removal options than removal for artifacts and enchantments. If you resolve Stoneforge Mystic, your goal is to bury your opponents in card advantage and force them to deal with her or Arbiter strapped to a sword. To find Helm of Obedience, you can use Tezzeret the Seeker or Fabricate. Mana Vortex It will accrue plenty of hate just for trying to sit at the same table as everyone else, so be prepared to put your fists up and defend yourself heavily. If they focus on killing the combo, they're out of removal for your swords. It's time to let them see the real shine in this deck! Attention! Your main outs to them are Sword of Fire and Ice and Detention Sphere if they stick. Walking Ballista, with infinite mana and Grand Arbiter Augustin IV is himself part of this plan, as he asymmetrically taxes and cheapens spells. My friends all played Commander, so naturally I wanted to do what my friends were doing. can help you get an early lead. Copied to clipboard. This deck is mean, it's cruel, it's a chore to battle against- and it's fun as hell to pilot. While many Arbiters like to play all-in pillowforts and taxes, my version works very well, and is extremely fun to play. To find Rest in Peace, you can use Idyllic Tutor or Muddle the Mixture. Dec. 9, 2016, Scepter? Well, I played with friends' decks for a while, then the white 2014 precon, then decided I wanted something my own. TappedOut.js Blog Widget, Approaching the End — Complete Comment Tutorial! Fatespinner You're a low creature build, plus some of your creatures barely do anything in combat. Especially be careful with Mana Crypt- we play long games with only almost no life gain, so don't keep a hand with Crypt and 0 action. First, we're going to want to stall out and set up. Things like Always keep in mind what hate cards are in the deck, and figure out how they pair against their win cons to make it impossible for them to win they want to. #1v1 commander, #1v1 edh, #anafenza the foremost, #commander gameplay, #grand arbiter augustin iv, #jolt539, #tymaret the murder king Read More » EDHRECast 123: The Saltiest Cards in EDH w/ Shivam Bhatt! Once you set up with any card advantage engine you should hopefully make them submit to your control. 43 … Just make sure early game is no good for them, then force them to grind it out on a locked up field. Ergo you want a hand that can cast him turn 4 at the latest. Edit Live Edit. Dramatic Reversal This is a strong deck for both 1-v-1 and multiplayer, with the potential of answering every threat you might see. I've been playing magic since the beginning. Upvote 0. Crucible locks are hard to completely achieve; it's more often that you'll be tactfully stripping key lands from opponents, preventing them form being able to contest you exactly when you want to cast something juicy. I took a personality test and came up Azorius. At this point in the game, you have resources and at the very best its costing everyone else 2-6 more to cast anything. The fun is that the next game they will try to counter or destroy one of your pieces, but you could conveniently just be holding a My local meta has gotten pretty hard-core, and includes (but not limited to): [[Yidris]] storm, [[Breya]] Ad-naus eggs, [[The Gitrog Monster]] lands-matter, [[Teferi, Temporal Archmage]] stax, [[Tasigur]] combo, I myself have recently put together a [[Karador]] Boonweaver-combo, etc...now I want to do [[Grand Arbiter Augustin IV]] but I'm having a little trouble finding a stable build that I can work with & there's no primer … Your best games are against fragile combo decks and other control decks. Lodestone Golem June 19, 2016. Mycosynth Lattice I've had an entire table scoop before because I was just disking every turn. Play it again and lay down an Hardly a fitting deck for someone as infamous as Augustin. I’ll keep a slow roll 4 lander if I’ve got, say, Swords to Plowshares, Counterspell, and Ponder, just as an example. Upvote 0. Edit. In addition to the new layout, we've greatly improved our mobile site. … Once the lock is all but confirmed, you'll move to close out the game. Upon making my choice, a buddy of mine said to me "don't be that much of a douche". ... Grand Arbiter Augustin IV itself shuts down a lot of storm-style combos, and provides early game help in keeping you and your table-mates alive long enough for you to win. Balancing Act Luckily you edge out way more value than everyone else will, since your stuff costs as little as or . Nov. 26, 2016, An ace up my sleeve — Since the primary goal of Arbiter's mana denial doesn't matter if they make excessively more than they needed anyways (or don't even need mana), your deck's first line of attack can become completely null and void. Help | Admin Regen Charts … Grand Arbiter Augustin IV EDH Commander / EDH* Quixotist. A lot of these decks will show themselves for what they are at commander reveal; you shouldn't truly be SURPRISED by what your opponents will do to you form that point on, just get ready for it. Grand Arbiter Augustin IV. pardusumbra EDH. - encouraging politics I've been tinkering! Want something particularly nasty? We have a ton of ways to find these swords outside of Stoneforge, as well. If you plan on trying to lock the game out with Crucible of Worlds here, set up a large threat before going for it. If these decks just have combos inside of them that cause major headaches/the game to end, attack those combos with whatever necessary hate card you have first, THEN move in for the kill. Parmesan cheese. A few of our hatebears are important to look for here if you can find them- Aven Mindcensor, Drannith Magistrate, and Hushbringer all slow down games, and later on can be the only thing keeping you from dying. High Salt Score: 2.28. If these decks are commander-centric, the easy solution is to just never let them have their commander. Play the combo in one turn where you can play and activate it, then start off with whoever is most likely able to destroy parts of the combo. Clear. So early game we want to focus on ramp and rocks and laying down things like The first cast is, of course, practically irrelevant, but both have to resolve. or 0.02 TIX. Oct. 3, 2020, Just quit doing things! to counter everything the opponent does.

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