We’ve finally found them. Ryusen used to be one of the most popular OEM makers in Japan, as they had an excellent reputation for the knives they produced. They are really thin behind the edge, have great distal taper, and wide bevels, making them easier to thin and sharpen. Japanese Steel He is a 3rd generation sharpener, and focuses on double bevel knives. It is the most popular kitchen knife in Japan and the most exported Japanese knife to the western market. As with most wide bevel knives, these should have great food release, but will be slightly more prone to wedging in taller/denser foods. The VG-10 core is exceptionally well heat treated, as they use molten salt baths in the process, which we agree is an excellent way to go about heat treating this steel. Saiun Kanetsugu About 65% of these are Kitchen Knives, 6% are Knife Sets. As a single bevel knife, it is actually a lot like a yanagiba, but slightly thinner than what Ittetsu normally does for yanagiba in this size. Closed Measurements (rolled up)- Approx. It was just a natural feature of the wood piece used in this magnetic strip. They cut rather well and have amazingly good edge retention. The blade profile, choil shape, and handle design have all been improved from previous runs to make the knife more comfortable in use. * This knife does not include a saya - pictures will be updated to reflect the changes soon. Originally used as part of decorative fashion, tenugui later became part of daily life, being used around households and as general purpose cloths. The Tangetsu series is made in Sakai. Beautiful Knives. The shape is similar to a kiridashi, but it is a double bevel knife. There’s a stark visual contrast between the upper section of the knife and the polished bevels. Color will fade a bit over time. They come with ho wood octagonal handles and matching ho wood saya. This was designed by Ryusen to be used for cutting petit fours, truffles, and similar items, as a way to display the inside to the guest or customer. * This knife does not include a saya - pictures will be updated to reflect the changes soon. We brought in this line so that more people could try Hinoura-san's work. From the forging to the heat treating to the product design and packaging, they had smart, well thought out processes in place. Best!!!!! Latest China HS Code & tariff for japanese-black-pine - Tariff & duty, regulations & restrictions, landed cost calculator, customs data for japanese-black-pine in ETCN. The knife is the most most important tool for any chef, regardless of cuisine. Organically grown cotton combined with the anti-microbial, sustainable, and fortifying properties of hemp create a health-conscious and extremely durable apron. Tenugui have their roots deep in Japanese history. * Please note that the color and pattern of the liner may vary from apron to apron, ** Other than the two older stock Medium Blue aprons which reach the top of the knee (29"L / 23.6"W), all new stock aprons are now a little bit longer than product photos and extend past the knee. Our Japan export statistics of fixed blade knife covers trade value, export price, quantity and unit, trading partners and more shipment details Available in two colors: black and navy. A long time ago, when I was still cooking professionally, Blazen was one of my first serious Japanese knives. We think it will make a great first Japanese knife, a good workhorse for home cooks and professionals alike, and will provide a very nice balance of cutting performance with ease of use and care. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do. It should not be used for delicate soft items. The Blazen series features an SG2 core (a powdered stainless steel), clad in softer stainless steel. Please keep in mind that kiritsuke are knives intended to combine the function of usuba and yanagiba, and can be more difficult to use for beginners. Just as with many other traditional and cultural products in Japan.

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