e�g�'v�́�A���ю�;K��� �G��.���{��w� 7f���a`8'��`t��)V+����B�4#w�(S�(�@� ��C| If you read the newspapers, you will see this tense used for other subjects. The most frequently used monosyllabic verb is kuwa: “to be.”. Tunataka wajaribu mazao mapya: We want them to try new crops, Nitaomba mvua inyeshe : I will pray that it rains. en Most recently, Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendelo (CHADEMA, Swahili for ‘Party for Democracy and Progress’), Tanzania's largest opposition party, requested international intervention in the increasingly tense political situation characterized by the arrests of prominent opposition leaders. Step 2: Read Hinnebusch Lesson 20, Mazungumzo, Sections 1 and 2 (p.137). 2) We drop the tense marker (including the infinitive -ku- for monosyllabic verbs) Present [wakati uliopo] The present tense uses -NA-Sentensi: 1. By the end of this unit, you should be able to: We use the subjunctive form in Swahili to express the following: 1) A desire or request to do something The consecutive or narrative tense is formed with the TAM prefix -ka-. Here are the topics discussed in each lesson: adjectives, adverbs, plural, prepositions, feminine, numbers, negation, pronouns, questions, determiners, nouns, verbs, present tense, past tense, future tense, imperative, and the comparative.Going through each lesson should take about 30 min.Each course contains an extra topic about vocabulary. There are two present tenses in Swahili. The conjugation of “kuwa” in the present tense is irregular. : Follow directions! For example: Jana nilienda sokoni. Thank you. ���̪���('�8L=D�,ZuS�����y�KzU6��,��^2��gUQ&�5� �Si�N���9 IPA: /tɛns/; Type: adjective, verb, noun; Copy to clipboard; Details / edit ; en.wiktionary2016. Properly conjugate in the affirmative and negative subjunctive, Use the “-sha-” infix to indicate action that has already happened, Use the narrative tense when telling stories in the past tense. Change ), Swahili: Unit 11 – Locatives, Prepositions, and Relative and Object Infixes, Swahili: Unit 12 – Commands and Subjunctive Tenses, The “Already” Infix, and the Indefinite Present Tense, Swahili: Unit 10 – Adjectives, Adverbs, and Syntax, Swahili: Unit 9 – Associatives, Possessives, and Other Modifiers. Nikauza mahindi yangu, halafu nikanunua mafuta na sukari. endstream endobj 41 0 obj <> endobj 42 0 obj <> endobj 43 0 obj <>stream This curriculum offers the best understanding yet of Swahili grammar. Introduction … “Je, mmeshamaliza kazi?” | “Eh, tayari!”: “Have you all already finished work?” | “Yeah, (we’ve finished) already.”. Usinywe maji baridi: You should not drink cold water. It’s formed by a slurring of the subject prefix and the -a vowel of the present tense marker: Wasema: You say (Note, if you say something that your listener does not understand, they may respond with “Wasema?”, No need to worry about these other subjects for now–just remember that when speaking for yourself in the present tense, you generally drop the “ni-!”. h�bbd```b``v�� �q�d��e��&�VL��H�.0��\9 f��- �L2F�m��SAd� �x�d�� ˆ�H�# �PH�_{�� ���`Y�AD�g`z� � ��� Thank you! Switching gears, a quick note on a frequently used infix: “-sha-” to indicate that an action has already taken place. This infix is always placed immediately after the tense marker. 4) If our verb end is “-a” we change it to “-e.” If our verb end is “-i” or “-u” we do not change it. Tunaomba msiondoke kesho: We request that you all not leave tomorrow. Mfuate maelekezo! 3) A polite command that something may (or may not) be done : You should close the door! • The relative marker is used to build a relative clause and agrees with … ��~-(��(+����!�^ϒ/�s>���w�Q�%�o��8�P�PI��7���,YJ.b8�m�G�����X��x�6�b�K�0�!��91�X��݈i�v�2� �a�a�T�Н�e��I!K��?�7e�j�.�h��s�)��H�M�p|t*87�fkP�Ί�9O�VȨg�A�A�o�B�2B��=�������Wݗ�)��B��N��eX�oY�:���z�����z ��B�?z���*�5���?�x�Ѫ5�y�7e$sH-~�K�)m� 2) A suggestion that something should (or should not) be done When giving negative commands, we follow the rules of the negative subjunctive: Usiwe na wasiwasi: Don’t worry! ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Name Origin: Swahili derives from the Arabic word saw ... • The tense markers are na / a (present), li (past), me (perfect), ta (future), ka (consecutive), ki (continuous), nge / ngali (conditional). The tense marker is obligatory except in the imperative and the subjunctive. The -ka- Tense Marker. When we conjugate monosyllabic verbs in the affirmative subjunctive, we also drop the infinitive “-ku-“: To conjugate in the negative subjunctive (to imply suggestion, desire, or command that something should not or may not be done), we follow the same basic rules, but add the negative subjunctive tense marker “-si-” in our tense marker slot: Tunda lisiive: The fruit should not ripen. e KA marker e Ø … A←→E marker e KI marker (and the conditional KA) e NGE and NGALI markers e ‘still’ tenses Monosyllabic verbs Kuwa Congo Swahili: Katanga Swahili and Kingwana e emergence of Kingwana e emergence of Katanga Swahili Bukavu Swahili References Keywords: Central Africa, Bukavu Swahili, Verbal Structures, Kingwana, History Journal of Asian and African Studies, No. In these instances, the -ka- tense will often be paired with the -sha- infix: “Juma yupo?” | “Hapana, akashaenda nyumbani?”. Swahili Unit 12 Worksheet. tense . Tuende shamba? The 12 units have been an excellent study guide for learning and understanding Swahili grammar. Wameshauza matango yote: They have already sold all of the cucumbers. The infix is often used with “tayari,” also indicating that something has already happened. To close, a note on the narrative tense: when you are narrating a series of events that all occurred in the past tense, you generally change the tense marker from “-li-” to “-ka-” after the first instance of the past tense. : Should we go to the shamba? I love the strove system of verb conjugation. In addition to the &Inf co nstruction, Swahili, like many Bantu language s, has the consecutive tense marked by -ka- . ���"E���5�ބ��bdd�쭑q�ĵ m�,�$JE,i���E�x���RG�ֈ���S۫��WA�በ^�w�8P�O����O���i6���:�Oi��y��-F���D{,�J��)Dg�\��.A���Y�}m >;(�� P�!�nU����~�O-hf��}��mS�1x1[xq�x���Y���Qa�zB��^��dJ�&j�RB�t�ࣰ�(��bRy���E� �0�*�B�I9�j1,qEz�.

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