The first thing that drew me was the distressed look and it's a Martin. Martin – click here for ALL Martin reviews, Howard Emerson: The Wall Talks – CD Review, George Barnes – the first electric guitarist, DSS-17 Whiskey Sunset \ Black Smoke Review, Official DSS-15M Street Master Spec Sheet. I love them both. Martin D15M Review - All Mahogany Dreadnought with elegant design & unmatched playability. Shares (Image credit: Martin Guitar) Made for working musicians, Martin Guitar introduces two new models in their solid mahogany 15 Series line with the D-15M StreetMaster and 000-15M StreetMaster. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Martin D-15M Streetmaster but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. I do have a propensity for a warm sounding guitar and this is a warm sounding guitar – but this thing was particular nice.It’s definitely a mid-range dominant sound so if that’s your thing (as it is mine) then you’ll love the sound the D15M produces. The simple bracing pattern used for this model was an accidental blessing when it appeared on the first modern-era 15s. Added a LR Baggs Anthem and it sounds better than my others. But even as the thicker mids and barrel-chested bass notes are humming away, the trebles ring with a musicality that just puts a smile on my face, and effortless in how they are heard clearly from atop that warm, woody undertone, until their own sustain dips down into the massive cellar to meld with the lower registers. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. I mean, look at the millions of acoustic guitars that were based on original Martin designs that evolved with their own tonal properties, and have filled the world with unique music. But the Style 15 look is very much a one note sort of thing, in terms of the color. The Martin DSS-15M StreetMaster is a D readnought size acoustic guitar with the S lope-S houlder body shape, made in Style 15, which has solid m ahogany for the back and sides and top, and Martin’s special distressed satin finish unique to the StreetMaster models.. I have always been drawn to the Style 15 guitars, with their deep, dark brown pigment similar to the vintage Style 17 instruments from the 1930s. But on closer inspection, the visual special effects are achieved though manipulating the hue of the toner in a carefully thought out manner, which is much more artistic in its looks than simply scraping off some the finish. The overtones are very subtle, the sound is very warm and the highs nice and soft and subtle.The bass isn’t overly pronounced but it doe… This revised dreadnought shape gives the guitar an impressive voice that offers a nice alternative to the customary D-15M square-shoulder dreadnought. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Love the looks and it was set up perfect right out of the box. And that includes the DSS-15M StreetMaster. Issue #28. In both directions, the results were truly new designs that have their own unique sound. It would take a lot more than the body shape to make a Martin sound much like a Gibson, just like how none of the Gibson square-shoulder dreadnought models they made for decades sound not at all like the Martins that inspired them. Like a Gibson and Fender electric, you can hear a Martin acoustic pepper contemporary music throughout the last 50 years. The Martin DSS-15M StreetMaster is a Dreadnought size acoustic guitar with the Slope-Shoulder body shape, made in Style 15, which has solid mahogany for the back and sides and top, and Martin’s special distressed satin finish unique to the StreetMaster models. When Martin has made guitars with hardwood tops supported by their full, traditional bracing, they have often sounded rather muffled, because the hardwood takes many years to play-in and open up. The new DSS-15M StreetMaster gets the same vintage-esque appointments of other guitars in the modern 15 Series, which includes the fancier short pattern Diamonds and Squares fret markers that was actually used on Style 28 instruments back in the day. And it is nicely appointed, with the varying toner contrast that livens up the rich brown Style 15 finish. Jake had it set up just how I needed. Phone Hours | While the slope-shoulder dreadnought shape may give the appearance of being larger than the square-shoulder dreadnought, this may not actually be the case. O00-15 for the couch, D15m if you jam or record. I only wish I had tried an all mahogany Martin years ago, as that might have saved me a lot of money. The sides, back, and neck do not have the same sort of central focus to the contrasting shades, but still get varying patches of lighter and darker hues, again as if a dark surface was hit by various light sources. The best way I can describe the difference is to say it looks like the sides of the two dreadnought designs may in fact be of the same length. I am more than satisfied with this one. The 15 Series instruments started out as some of the first Martins to use the Modified Low Oval Profile, which is now their standard neck shape. It's a great dilemma to have when you can't go wrong either way. Therefore, the actual area of the top and back may add up to the same square inches or centimeters, and the cubic volume inside the sound chamber may add up to the same amount, but the architecture has changed. That is why I expect to see these masterfully manipulated mahogany Martins appearing on the streets of New York more and more. And he decided to design his version for his CEO Series, which led to other editions in the same series with the same body shape. And given how incredibly well they sell and are enjoyed by their owners, it seems they made the right choice. There's a reason why these guitars sell out so fast, they're killer guitars! And that same idea applies the 15 Series guitars of today, through the use of simple but tasteful visual appointments, a simplified bracing pattern that works exceptionally well for the dense mahogany soundboard, and the Simple Dovetail Neck Joint, which is a major improvement over the Mortise and Tenon Neck Joint that was used on the 15 Series until recently. In January, 2018 Martin converted their Standard Series instruments to the High Performance fretboard taper, which has a now-industry-standard 1-3/4” width at nut, while remaining narrower in the upper frets than their traditional 1-3/4” of previous eras. Martin says that it made the StreetMaster series, which also includes an identically priced dreadnought version, for the working musician. Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it.

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