This name is mostly being used as a boys name. Meaning of the name Elijah: The literal translation of the name Elijah is “Jehovah is my God.” In terms of the origin of the name Elijah, its beginnings go back millennia in the past, when ancient Hebrew was spoken. His life was colorful. Film director Elia Kazan; actor Elijah Wood. There he remained until the brook dried up from lack of rain. One of those not-as-popular-still-relatively-popular biblical boy names I've never really quite liked. Ely, Elihu, Just because *you* have those associations doesn't mean that others do as well, and you really come off as extremely judgmental and haughty. I disagree. Not a bad choice at all though. Ilias, Meanings Biblical Names Meaning: In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Elijah is: God the Lord; the strong Lord. Discover a summary of Elijah's story, full scripture text, and related articles! It's just so cute :). So it looks like it's time to lose Elijah (and Eli which I just adore!) Elijah is a strong Biblical choice that’s riding the immense wave of popularity, next to Levi, Jonah, etc. You will receive an email (no more than once per day) summarizing any new mentions of Elijah on Nameberry. We also needed to be a holy and just people and hence the reference to the "days of your servant Moses", meaning that righteousness and right living was important in all our attitudes and works. I really don't like it.I don't know why but i just don't.. After long neglect, Elijah was suddenly rejuvenated when Cher and Greg Allman bestowed it on their son Elijah Blue in 1976, and got another shot of youth serum via young actor Elijah Wood. (Romanian) What does this story about Elijah being fed by ravens mean for us, today? From Eliyahu. It is recently used among Black Muslims. Literally what? My friend's name is Elijah and she's a 24-year-old female. In the New Testament it appears in the Greek form Elias. I like Lijah too! Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Top Baby Names 2019: The Playground Analysis. But God told him to stand up and speak for Him. ASSOCIATED WITH greek, great, prophet, book (literary), kings, heaven, fiery, black (dark), wood (tree), VARIANTS Eli▲, Elia, Elias▲, Elie, Elihu, Elija, Eliot, Eliyahu, Eljah, Elliot▲, Ellis▲, Ely, Elyot, Elyott, Lige▼, RELATIONS VIA ELIA, ELIAS, ELLIOT, ELLIS, ILYA Eelia, Eliasz, Elice, Eliott, Elis, Eljasz, Elyas, Ilia, Ilija, Ilja, Elijah is a very popular first name for men (#491 out of 1220, Top 40%) and also a very popular last name for both adults and children (#26761 out of 150436, Top 18%). Elias is the related, Greek variation of Elijah. Would you like to follow Elijah? Elias is the related, Greek variation of Elijah. Elijah has become a fashionable biblical choice. Elio There was a famine in Canaan. Elijuo, Eliyahu I hate hearing male names on girls, especially ones like James and Michael, that I really love on boys - but I can somewhat see it with Elijah, because Eli sounds kind of unisex, and then I also think, maybe Ellie...??? Two people are named Elijah in the Old Testament, the most well known of which was a prophet who interacted with King Ahab. These names tend to be less commonly used than Elijah. It does have a nice meaning and one of the better biblical backstories though. If you didn't find an alternative name that you like better than Elijah, try our name generator. I certainly hope you wouldn't make such a comment in real life if you met a little boy with this name. The meaning of Elijah is "My God is the Lord".Its origin is "English variant of the Hebrew name Eliyahu".Elijah is a form of Eliyahu and is generally pronounced like "ee LY jah". Elian, I mean, if that's what the name conjures up for you, then don't use it, but you'd better not judge anyone else who decides to use it. These 16 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Elijah. Similar to the life of Jesus, Elijah performs marveling acts to demonstrate the validity of God to the people of Israel. God also performed many miracles through Elijah, including resurrection (raising the dead), bringing fire down from the sky, and entering Heaven alive"by fire". The Lord told Elijah, the man of God, to go down to the brook Cherith, east of the Jordan, where he could drink of the brook, and the ravens would bring him food. There's no name in the world that sounds more like a 19th Century slave plantation owner. Ellis, © 2020 Name Guru to the Stars: Kit Harington, Meghan Trainor, and more! Elyott, Elijah’s story is in the book of Kings and you can read how he felt isolated and alone in the culture in which he lived. Elijuah, That's one of the most ridiculous things I've heard. Elijah is derived from the Hebrew name Eliyahu, composed of the elements ’el and yah, both of which refer to God. So handsome:) Eli of course is a cute nickname and I can see myself calling my baby Elijah, Ellie as well! In the Old Testament, Elijah was the prophet who went to heaven in a chariot of fire. The way Elijah is spelled looks very clunky and mish-mashed to me, and I just don't like the sounds of Eli (seems slick and insubstantial)+ jah (sounds like a gargled exclamation) together. Among other celebrities who have chosen Elijah for their boys are Donnie Wahlberg, James Spader, Tracy Nelson, Wynonna Judd and Bono (who followed it with middle names Bob Patricus Guggi G.). The most trendy baby names in this compilation are Elias, Elliot, Ellis, Elijah and Eli. From Eliyahu. Other suggested similar-sounding names are Abiah, Abidjah, Abijah, Alvah▼, Aviah, Eian, Eidan, Eilad, Eilam, Eilan, Eilian, Einar, Eitan, Elam, Elan, Elazar, Elgar, Eliam, Elian▲, Eliana, Eliazar, Eliran, Eliron, Elisee, Eliseo▲, Elishah, Eliso, Elison, Elisud, Eliu, Eljin, Elkan, Elkanah, Ellar, Ellgar (see Alger), Ellrad (see Elrad), Elman, Elmar, Elrad, Eltman, Emich, Ephah, Epifan, Erich▼, Esias, Evian, Ezrah▲, Faizah (see Faiz), Isiah▼, Iziah, Micah▲, Rajah, Ukiah, Uriah▲, Urijah, Uriyah and Uziah. Elijio, Given that it's never been less socially acceptable to be even mildly sympathetic to anything Confederate, I'm surprised so many people honestly give their sons a name that I can't picture on anyone doing anything but whipping a slave. Just don’t give him the facetious nickname of “Jah”. Some days I love it others not so much. It allows you to go beyond the similarities of a name, which can provide a lot of inspiration! It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Elijah is " Jehovah is God". Biblical: Elijah was a great prophet of Israel who performed many miracles as told in the Book of Kings, and who is said not to have died, but was carried up into Heaven in a fiery chariot. Elijah (Elias) My God is Jehovah, God of Jehovah Strong's #H452, G2243 The King James New Testament spells Elijah's name as Elias. To rate names on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. Meaning & History. Elyot, Eliya, My friend said this was the ugliest name he’s ever heard. Elijah as a boys' name is pronounced ee-LYE-jah. Elijah was a prophet who, at the end of his life, was swept up into heaven in a chariot of fire instead of suffering the usual ho-hum old man death. (French) Elijah is derived from the Hebrew name Eliyahu, composed of the elements ’el and yah, both of which refer to God. George Washington was a slave owner and yet I don't think the name George should be off-limits. You're insane, in other words. I love this name! Popular varying forms of Elijah (#7 LAST YEAR) are Eli (#58), Elias (#67), Elliot (#162), Ellis (#317), Elisha (#847), Eliot (#1085), Elyas (#1472), Eliyahu (#1569), Eliott (#1876), Ely (#1950), Ellsworth, Elis, Elija, Elihu, Elie and Lige. Usage of these relations of Elijah was at its highest 1 year ago (AVERAGE #1280) and has remained as widespread to this day (#1259), but with versions like Lige going out of style. Eliot, I intensely dislike the trend though, so I almost wish I disagreed with you. There are numerous songs containing the name, and Elijah also figures in many books—including Charles Dickens's Martin Chuzzlewit—and in films. Elijah or Greek form Elias (/ɪˈlaɪəs/ ih-LY-əs) was, according to the Books of Kings in the Hebrew Bible, a prophet and a miracle worker who lived in the northern kingdom of Israel during the reign of King Ahab (9th century BC). Elijah▲ is pronounced similarly to Eligia and Eligio. I get you, to be honest. Elijah, a biblical prophet is one of the most interesting characters in the Bible. Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community. I never would have thought of this name as having anything to do with slavery. Elia (TOP 2000 NAMES, 2018). Eliyah, I love Eli but DH doesn't. The name Elijah is assigned to four different men in the Bible (not counting those with the highly similar name Elihu):.

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