Added dried cranberries and replaced oil with Peanut butter… Pour the dressing over and salad and toss well to coat. Otherwise the spinach will get soggy. Bring the mixture to a boil and then reduce the heat down to a simmer. I double checked again. Buy pre-shredded carrots at the supermarket. Surprise yourself and anyone who’ll listen, and do your body a favour at the same time. Which do you like better? Thanks for trying out the salad, Laura! Your email address will not be published. Skipped the honey and the raisins, added toasted sliced almonds. I don’t see anything wrong with 2 tbsp of olive oil for one serving. Add the garlic, oregano and cayenne. Click here to join the FREE 3-Day vegan Mediterranean diet challenge. Really cool you liked the recipe! Made this recipe the night before, was off-put by the acidic smell (used all fresh, just purchased ingredients). I made it! We’re just about to head into a New Zealand summer and this is the perfect salad to serve up at the summer beach BBQs, I fully agree on that one! Is one serving 689 cal (and so forth), or the entire salad? Then you get another 480 kcal from the chickpeas, the cheese and honey contribute a little as well. As you can probably imagine, this recipe is very easy to make. Humans are good at surviving. Some of my favorite salad recipes feature garbanzo beans. I also used gorgonzola and also added craisins and pecans and everyone loved it! Oh goodness! Your email address will not be published. Another friend gave me a HUGE bag of short grained brown rice that she got at one of our HUGE American superstores. They're all healthy too! Eating this all week long on night shift, so good! Why Kalamata Olives are one of the healthiest foods on earth, Italian Green Beans with Tomatoes and Garlic, Roasted Cauliflower Steaks with Chimichurri, Wild Rice Salad with Apple and Pomegranate, Easy Christmas Appetizer -- Guacamole Wreath, Air Fryer French Fries with Seasoned Salt. I prefer the goat version. Well, have you ever considered chickpeas? Glad you liked this one, Renee! I don’t see an oil ingredient, but I’ll add olive oil. Not really peas, and certainly not chicks, but fantastic nevertheless. Made it yesterday again as well, haha. I love chickpeas and was pumped when I saw your recipe! She lives in Orange County, California with the love of her life, Brad, and their adorable black cat, Ozzy. I may try craisens next time. Thank you thank you. , Wohoooo This was super easy to make and Absolutely Delicious. I’m sure cherry tomatoes would go well with it! Btw, I’m quite jealous – we’re heading straight into winter *shiver*. Dumped it all out. Surprisingly good! And I plan to share it! Is this meal really 658 kcal per portion? Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. I personally find the cheese quite refreshing in this salad. It was delicious! Make it with only 6 ingredients in 15 minutes! I also used cranberries because I prefer them to raisins, and I left out th cheese because I hate cheese. I had this salad with both, cow and goat feta. It’s become my go-to salad because it is SO easy yet so tasty and unique! Heat olive oil over a medium heat in a large skillet or sauce pot. by LoriInIndiana (18) View All Recipes I … Hi Kang! If making it in advance, I recommend keeping the dressing separate from the salad until you're ready to eat. Is the nutritional info listed on this page accurate? Mix the honey, oil, lemon juice and raisins in a small bowl, Add the cumin, salt and pepper to the dressing bowl and mix well, Drizzle devilishly delicious dressing over the salad. The raisens make it! For one whole can of chickpeas it might be 20+ grams of protein, but I doubt many people can or want to eat a whole can of chickpeas for one meal. I know “the problem” of wanting to eat the entire salad all to well, by the way! As I mention in the recipe for Moroccan Carrot Salad, there are three main ways to prepare the carrots: I typically choose the second option, but feel free to do whichever works best for you. The salad will still taste really good . what a bummer you didn’t like the salad!! . And for even more delicious vegan recipes, join the Insider List and receive a FREE recipe ebook! Fresh tomatoes, garlic, crumbly feta cheese, oregano, and good extra virgin olive oil make this salad… For all the people out there complaining about the oil its pretty simple to just use less! It tastes it too I actually hadn’t had it for a few weeks but I had it again yesterday, it reminded me how good it is!!

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