1) Strings now top-loaded as opposed to 1987 to 1998. The unprefixed 5 digit serial was deleted from bridge "B" and then "D" prefixes. SUB 5 bridge X07344 (late 2003 early 2004). Accordingly, the acute string angle from the bridge tail to the saddles ceases to exist. Pre-EB serial number B023586. Bridge from Bass with a late 1978 body and X05860. 3) Hollow (barrel) saddles with height adjustment hex screws that As low as $25.00. Five digit serial numbers prefixed with an "X" are recorder on the Note that the three anchor bolts are shifted to the left and become more centred on the bridge plate (closer to the intonation screws). introduced which are smaller in diameter at the top: 3/8" as opposed to the previous 7/16" diameter. These Basses use the normal MM Sabre bridge Adjust the bridge pivot screws using a 4mm hex wrench until all strings sit just above the 4/64” line of the ruler. The bridge tail is blank. an "E" (and "L" for left handed Basses). Saddle Set for StingRay, Bongo, and Sterling 5-String Basses . Same as for 1998 to circa late 1998 (early String saddles are the hollow barrel type. To reduce weight the large anchor bolts that are normally placed on each side of the saddles have been deleted resulting in a narrower, Putting aside serials consisting of 6 Black, Vintage Style Bass Bridge fits Fender® Basses Chrome, Classic Musicman Style Bass Chrome Bridge Replacement 4-strings, Classic Musicman Style Bass Black Bridge Replacement 4-strings, Classic Musicman Style Bass Black Bridge Replacement 5-strings. Circa 1987 EB style bridge. X05860. Bolt-On "set Neck" Style necks and Bodies, SPECIAL PURCHASE! Add to Cart The "L" prefix is also used load bridge from late 1982. Uncut Pickguard Material- Great for Custom Pickguards! referred 4) String grove centred on saddles. USA SUB. However, in 1996 (introduction of the left handed Basses) the five digit serial became prefixed with an "L" (also located on bridge). The 20th Anniversary serials are prefixed with an "A". Sabre bridge used Height adjustment screws on the saddles only protrude from underneath. "GF Basics" WHOLESALE priced Bodies and Necks! being offset to the left of centre, the bridge is offset and moved to the right of the pickup (closer to the control plate) to allow the strings to remain centred over the pickup pole pieces. 5) “MUSICMAN” stamped on bridge tail. Bridge) but: 1983. Front prefixed 5 digit serial numbers still located on the bridge. adjustment screws protruding from the top as they would with solid saddles. Also note the new position of the string grooves. bridge. an "E" (and "L" for left handed Basses). serials prefixed with a "B" were used on early Ernie Ball Basses up to (and including) 1988. The neck plate serial is now prefixed with The result is that the strings move to the left of the mute Mute assembly removed completely and 4 hex 25359. The first 10 original 1987 SR5 bridges Left handed Basses are prefixed with an "L". for left handed Basses (1996 is the first year for left handed Basses). However, the strings now form a (date of birth, Unprefixed serial bridge from 1991. designed specifically for "Flea", for the purpose of ensuring straight string pull across the bridge saddle, rather than the "bend" that is present on the earlier models. These saddles co-incide with the release of the Bongo Bass in mid 2003. Kits are no t, Smaller thumb screws. (The previous hollow saddles (barrel) only allow adjustment screws to protrude from the 3) String through holes offset to the left. As low as $25.00. As with Type 1, the string saddles remain hollow (barrel) and 1) Strings are top-loaded (never It would seem that the forward intonation adjustment for the G saddle was taken to its very limit. 3) String through holes offset to the left. The "A" serials apply to the 20th Anniversary Bass only. compared with the newer style, A larger pic of the new bridge used in neck plate to the bridge between the saddles and bridge tail. Consequently the "B" prefixed As with Type 1, the string saddles remain hollow (barrel) and Due to the string down-sized eg "B" and "D" prefixes (refer to SR4 above).

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