The PKM Machine Gun is a machine gun that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Modifications include the removal of the stock, a longer and heavier barrel, a gas regulator and an electric solenoid trigger. Besides that Shakhin[25] and 1PN116[26] thermal sights and the 1PN119[27] anti-sniper special-purpose night vision sight are available for mounting on PK machine guns that like the PKMN model feature a Warsaw Pact side-rail bracket on the left side of the receiver for mounting aiming optics. Its ballistic performance with various ammunition types is stated as:[28], Version on which a set of spade grips replace the stock, for mounting on roofs of vehicles.[32]. Trucks     The Pecheneg LMG can be considered as a modification of the PKM machine gun, but it is built for only one tactical role; that is, as a true squad-level light machine gun for mobile infantry and Spetsnaz troops. Due to its reliability, firepower and limited weight it … The barrel-lock also regulates the gap between the breech face and the breech end of the barrel. Arsenal originally produced the MG, modeled after the original Russian PK model. body of the weapon is made of stamped and riveted steel. Weight: 16.53 lbs Length: 47.4 inches Barrel … PKM machine gun Type Squad automatic weapon; L ight machine gun; Place of origin Soviet Union Service history In service 1961–present Used by See Users: Production history Designer Mikhail Kalashnikov Number built over 1,000,000 Variants PK, PKS, PKT, PKM, PKMS, PKP Specifications Weight This is enclosed in a steel jacket, which runs up to the muzzle t… "Kalashnikov's modernized machine gun") is a 7.62x54mmR general purpose machine gun designed in the Soviet Union and currently in production in Russia. In addition, the PKM is capable of sustained fire of the hard-hitting 7.62x54 mmR round that packs a punch out to long ranges. It was the Long-Range weapon of the Somali Pirates. For heavier employment, the PKS ("PK Mounted") is based on the Samozhenkov 6T2 tripod mount. Artillery     The Rakov device is used for loading ammunition belts. The PK feed mechanism is radically different than that of machine guns based on the MG 42 feed mechanism, designed with a much larger (and therefore much heavier) articulated feed cam, lever, and pawl assembly that pushes rimless cartridges out forward from their links directly into the chamber for firing. The iron sight line has a 663 mm (26.1 in) sight radius. The barrel is somewhat heavier than that of the PKM, and has radial cooling ribs. [16] The original PK machine gun was introduced in 1961 and then the improved PKM in 1969 to replace the SGM and RP-46 machine guns in Soviet service. The cocking lever, mounted on the right, is not integral with the bolt carrier and does not reciprocate as the gun fires. Hinged tripod legs allow a gunner to fire the machine gun from a prone, a sitting, or a kneeling position. in part to the usage of proven Kalashnikov parts from the AK series It weighs 0.8 kg, offers 4× magnification with a field of view of 8° and 35 mm eye relief. At the forefront of the weapon is the integral bipod and a For heavier employment, the PKS ("PK Mounted") is based on the Samozhenkov 6T2 tripod mount. The Mayak KM-7,62 is a copy of the PKM, made to be lighter and easier to handle. The front sight assembly is mounted near the end of the barrel and consists of a protected open post adjustable for elevation in the field. Kalashnikova Modernizirovannyi, Russian for Kalashnikov machine gun It can be adapted to carry an optical or night sight. [17][18][19] A later designed similar optical sight suitable for the PK machine gun series is the 4×24 1Р77[20]. Tanks     PKM machine gun on a bipod. pintle-mounted machine gun on aircraft and helicopters). in East Germany, Yugoslavia, Sweden, and Lithuania. meter increments) iron sights, with which it is accurate out to 800 The H. Cegielski - Poznań S.A. Works in Poznań modified the PK/PKS to feed standard 7.62×51mm NATO cartridges and use NATO standard ammunition belts. the most important and numerous variant of the carrying handle/barrel detacher is found to the left of the An Mk93 gun mount is a machine gun mount primarily used to mount a .50 cal or an mk19 machine gun on a vehicle. serve in Russia, Zambia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Ukraine, Turkey, Uganda, The Kalashnikov and the Nikitin-Sokolov prototypes underwent service tests in the Central Asian, Odessa, and Baltic Military Districts, as well as at the Vystrel officer training courses in late 1960. The Type 80 is a Chinese-made copy of the PKM/PKMS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Syria, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Cuba, China, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, The 1P29 is issued with a canvas pouch, a lens cleaning cloth, combination tool, two rubber eyecups, two eyecup clamps and three different bullet drop compensation (BDC) cams for the AK-74, RPK-74 and PK machine gun. The ammunition belt box can be secured to the right rear tripod leg. Later on the PKM was equipped with a new black glass-filled polyamide buttstock and pistol grip shaped like the previously used laminated wooden stock and grip. metal belts of 100 or 200 rounds. The PKM uses a new and lighter tripod than the original PK. has some deficiencies. of the weapon; in addition, some PKBs have spade-style grips instead Other accessories include a sling and storage covers. The cradle is hinged to a plug-in swivel equipped with a rack-and-pinion traversing mechanism, and a rod-and-screw elevation mechanism. It is a modernization of the PK that was introduced in the 1961 to replace the SG-43 and RPD machine guns in Soviet service. It remains in use as a front-line infantry and vehicle-mounted weapon with Russia's armed forces. saw action during countless wars and proved itself well. : Clear Sky. All openings on the machine gun, particularly the ejector port on the left and the belt feed entrance on the right, are covered with spring-loaded dust covers so that the openings are only exposed when they need to be. The Main Missiles and Artillery Directorate and the Ministry of the Defence Industry preferred the Kalashnikov design.

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