The curriculum of a PGDM program prioritizes the core of the management field that invokes flexible and creative thinking in the candidate. Introductory economics topics covered may include: economic theory, history of economics, econometrics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, mathematics for economists, economics research … Finance and Accounts will help you understand market risk and where should a company or a client invest. Career Options and Salary After BA Economics. This is a two-year-long course that requires you to accomplish your Btech degree first. An Average mass communication graduate makes up to 50k- 1lakh per month. Basically, every recommendation you get on your favorite apps is the result of Machine Learning. Mass communication is one of the essential domain nowadays. Career Options After B.A Economics. Economists in this sector play a part in the creation and implementation of development policy and programmes, besides dealing with other areas such as economic reforms, regulation, price fixation and monitoring. The above list of professional courses after graduation will help you to choose the best domain depending on your interests. Mcom graduates are in huge demand due to evolution in the corporate sector. The course structure of the PGDM program is similar to an MBA and is offered by various reputed universities. A hotel manager might start earning low, but the pay scale increases with increased experience. If you feel Finance and Banking is your thing, then you can go on to pursue MBA in Finance and Banking or an M.A in finance or a Chartered Financial Analyst certification after graduating. It is one of the sorts of courses among the other professional courses after graduation. Actuarial science is an emerging career option amongst Economics graduates. A candidate with an economics degree can make up to 1 lakh/month. A candidate can opt for any field depending on the following three factors: If you are a graduate or pursuing graduation and looking for professional courses after graduation, Here are the top 15 courses that one might consider doing after graduation. The extensive knowledge of the subject makes you well equipped to understand and analyse trends of demonetisation, the impact of Make in India, introduction of goods and services and tax, the annual budget etc. … You can accomplish a Mtech Degree in a variety of fields like Information Technology, Mechanical, Statistics, Computer Science, Electrical, and Biotechnology. The subject has given out legends like Dr. Manmohan Singh and P.Chidambaram, and it’s time your name makes the list even longer. B.Ed. No age is considered to be legitimate to adopt a new skill set in your life. Economics Honours is a highly sought-after degree, even though it has always been surrounded with the hullabaloo of difficulty, both in terms of getting admissions and the dedication required throughout the course itself. There is a huge demand for PGDM among the other professional courses after graduation. It is always a priority for Maths/statistics graduates in the list of professional courses after graduation. One needs a bachelor’s degree with one of the core subjects as mathematics in order to apply for a Master’s degree in mathematics/statistics. There is no point in your life when you would have to stop acquiring skills. Most of the statistics graduates are hired as a Data Analyst or Data Scientists and they make an ample amount of money from it. The subject is rich in information, theories and analytics. Once you have graduated in the course from one of the prestigious economics colleges in India, you can pursue career options after BA Economics in one of … 3. I am listing out all possible career options available to you. As a result, you can go on to specialise in any of these interdisciplinary fields: The aim of this field is to improve the economic conditions of farmers and marginal groups by implementing changes in public policy. The common fields opted by students are Marketing, Human Resource, Statistics, Economics… M.Com exposes you to the various sectors of accounting, taxation, and management. The curriculum of Economics harnesses skills of financial intellect and understanding. An MCA/Msc Graduate can also start his/her own work online with flexible working hours. Many institutes offer Mobile App Development diploma courses with assured placement offers. With that being said, today’s competition in every field expects you to stay updated with trending formats and technology. The salary of digital marketing depends on the number of clients he/she has. This is usually a year-long full-time course that exposes you to techniques of hospitality management. Note – This list is indicative and doesn’t indicate rankings of institutions. Be a student leader to spark change, and drive career awareness Know More, © 2015-2019 Mindler | Mindler Education Pvt Ltd. Get everything you need to choose the right career – only in our weekly newsletter. There is no end to learning. It is one of the sorts of courses among the other professional courses after graduation. Students from commerce background can make it their full-time career. There is a huge variety of domains like Marketing, Business analyst, and Science. The practical and analytical knowledge embedded by Economics will help you perform in this field with utmost proficiency. Though the fee of this course is … One can pursue MBA in multiple fields. One can pursue MBA in multiple fields. 1. Indian Economic Services (IES) 4. By doing that you can enhance and innovate your skills. Economics being a social science has its roots in a lot of humanistic themes, such as environment, agriculture, political science, etc., some of which you’ll also study as part of your course. Super Career Guide. An economic advisor conducts research, prepare reports, and formulates plans to address economic problems. PGPM. job opportunities for economics graduates. A lot of consultancy firms hire Economics graduates as economic advisors to their firms. Because on-field experience can never be taught to you, rather it is something that is understood by doing it. Alternatively, one may specialise in corporate finance, thereby revenue streams, investment projects and overall financial management, and aim to become Chief Financial Officer … Social Media Can Help Boost Your Career: Here are 5 Ways (And Examples)! The last three options mentioned above are all possibilities one can look into after completing their UG course. With a sudden boom in technology, it becomes necessary to promote most of the products on the digital platform so that they reach huge masses of people. You tend to look at things in your own unique way. Whereas, Micro economics studys economics concepts at the individual level, such as the study of price determination, types of markets, demand and supply etc. It covers both qualitative and quantitative courses in Economics like Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Economic Statistics, History of Economics, Indian Economy, etc. A Master’s degree in economics will help you to gather experience in topics like stocks, market rates, Indian economy, GDP and etc. With a sudden boom in technology, companies need employees to manage huge data that they encounter every day.

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