Also have tried one SE Santana Standard and the same thing applies. It's a great guitar and I've loved using it. SE CUSTOM 24 SPALTED MAPLE … As to the pickups, I've never worried about them as I tinker with my guitars so the pickups usually get replaced, or at least get new magnets installed. #2 Big Eric Bee, Feb 19, 2017. charliefrench New … My review guitar came in a gorgeous blue finish, and though it is not a real flamed top finish, it was nonetheless really stunning. Unlike higher-priced PRS Custom 24s, the SE Custom 24 does not come equipped with locking tuners. Pickups were swapped from stock to GFS p90s. The SE Custom 22 features 22 frets, while the Custom 24 features 24. With a price difference of about $2500, you may be wondering exactly what the differences are. For 2018, PRS is adding two new veneer options: spalted maple and zebrawood. The Santana is a nice middle road between the 24 and the 245, it has the 24.5" scale of the 245 and the trem like the 24. Comparing PRS’s SE series guitars to standard models. Would recommend you do some searches on the forum. Darüber hinaus kommt noch vor Weihnachten eine auf 3500 Stück limitierte SE Custom 24. This is a guitar you can use for blues, rock, country, or jazz with … But the 24 does have coil splitting, which as Ray said, makes it very versatile. Die PRS SE Custom 24 7-String im bonedo-Test - Er hat seine Firma mit seinen Initialen ausgestattet und unter dem Kürzel PRS ist Paul Reed Smith mittlerweile schon seit über 25 Jahren im Gitarrenbaugewerbe zu Hause. The PRS SE Custom 24 is part of a more affordable series (that’d be the SE part) from the company, but you’d never know comparing them side by side. PRS SE Mira Das komfortable Workhorse namens Mira, mit Mahagoni Body und 85/15 “S”-Pickups, liefert einen ausbalancierten Vintage-Tone. The PRS SE Custom 24 is the quintessential SE instrument, designed to faithfully reflect the PRS model that started it all. Paul Reed Smith Custom Series SE models are the step between a Standard SE and a main-line PRS model. If you can try them all, see which one you bond with most. I was blown away with the sound of the pickups and the extensive range of tones obtainable. PRS bietet die altbekannten Mira und Starla Modelle nun auch als SE Versionen an. Both new veneers come finished in Vintage Sunburst, adding a distinctive new look while serving up classic PRS playability, reliability, and vibrant tone. There are a lot of opinions out there on the SE Custom vs Standard. The pickups are also the same on the Santana and 245, and personally I think they're the best pickups PRS has put in an SE yet. I currently have a PRS se custom 24 from 2009 dot inlays. Mit Overdrive sollen runde Rock-Sounds möglich sein, ohne Punch und Klarheit… As compared to the Standard SEs, they feature slightly upgraded finishes—like a maple cap and veneer where the Standard SEs feature all-mahogany bodies.

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