A fuse wire can have a rating not exceed the rating of the fuse, for example, in a fuse have a rating of 100 A, a fuse wire of any rating not greater than 100 A can be used. i.e. Required fields are marked *, Powered by WordPress and HeatMap AdAptive Theme. Time lag: Due to small time lag, large transient currents which are encountered during the starting of motors and switching on operation of transformers, capacitors, fluorescent lights etc can blow the fuse unless sufficient large rating are used. very good explanation. The fuse base and the carrier are designed such that each terminals of base coincides with a terminal of the fuse element. 3. Apart from reusability and less cost, HRC fuses are far better in operation and reliability than the rewirable fuse. Do you think thr is a limited market for rewireable fuses? Difference between fuses and circuit breakers. This comprises a fuse holder, an element and a fuse carrier. It consists of a porcelain body filled with silica and with a silver element; the body terminates in lug-type end caps. This is a sophisticated version of the cartridge fuse. It is a self sacrificial device used in interrupting the circuit during over- current or short circuit conditions. 3 The fuse holder and carrier can be damaged as a result of arcing in the event of an overload. Rewirable fuses are most commonly used in housing wiring and small current circuits. what is the fusing factor for rewireble fuse ? Sky Doctor@naspoly,elect/elect2013-2015 on July 12, 2015: I Love This Site Because I Got All My Wants Over Here! Renewable fuse consists of a base and a separate fuse element carrier made of porcelain. why HRC is preffered over re wire able fuse, why HRC is prferred over re-wire able fuses, why rewireable fuse is preferred over cathridge fuse, why should semi-enclosed fuses NOT be mixed with HBC fuses in an installation, with the aid of adiagram hw the different HBC fuse and reritable fuse, www semi enclosed rewireable fuse and daigram, Boiler and Furnace Conversions – OIL TANKS AND OIL PIPING, Boiler and Furnace Conversions – STARTING A CONVERSION GAS BURNER (WITH PILOT LIGHT), Boiler and Furnace Conversions – VENTILATION REQUIREMENTS, Boilers and Boiler Fittings – BOILER REPAIRS, Boilers and Boiler Fittings – BLOWING DOWN A BOILER, Boilers and Boiler Fittings – INDUCED DRAFT FANS, Boilers and Boiler Fittings – AIR SEPARATORS, Boilers and Boiler Fittings – WATER PRESSURE REDUCING VALVES, Boilers and Boiler Fittings – ALTITUDE GAUGES. It is a fully enclosed type fuse and is available in a wide range of ratings. If you have an old rewireable fuse board, as a home owner your likely to hear “Your fuse board is illegal….” I’ve heard electricians tell customers this many times, or “your house needs a rewire…” a surveyors favourite based on a cursory glance at your fuse board…so what’s the truth? 4. This is achieved by the use of a fusing factor: fusing current fusing factor D current rating. Renewable fuse consists … An indicating element shows when the fuse is ruptured. Rewirable Fuses. Fuse carrier is pulled out, blown out fuse element is replaced by a new one and the supply is restored by replacing the fuse carrier in the base. The circuit will be closes only if the fuse carrier is inserted into the base and the fuse element is continuous. Your email address will not be published. Fuse is the simplest and cheapest protective device. *, what is the fusing factor for rewireable fuse? Switch of the main switch. what is the fusing factor for rewireble fuse? Once the fuse is blown out, it can be reused by replacing the fuse element with a new one. Fuse is the simplest and cheapest protective device. A Big Cheer To The Owner Of This Site,THANKS. I understand it better now because of the detailed explanation. Similarly fuse carrier also contains two terminals between which fuse element is connected. what is the fusing factor of rewirable fuse, why a rewirable fuse is lacking discrimination, why hrc fuse is prefer over rewire able fuse. Slow operation: No feature is employed for extinction of arc that blows after the fuse melts. OSBERT JOEL C (author) from CHENNAI on June 15, 2014: Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on June 13, 2014: Very useful and informative hub! why HRC is prefered over re wire able fuses? Single phasing of three phase induction motor is a common occurrence where renewable fuses are employed in motor circuits. why HRC is preferred over re-wire able fuses. Different types of fuse provide different levels of protection. 2 The current rating of a cartridge fuse is 30 A and the fusing factor is 1.75; the fuse will rupture at 30 ð 1.75 D 52.5 A. The specialty of renewable fuses is that the fuse carrier can be taken out or reinserted back into the base without risk, even without opening the main switch. HRC fuse catrige fuse rewirable fuse graphical drawing, hrc fuse ka fusing factor ka man kitna hota hai answer in hindi, HRC is preferred over re-wire able of fuses. The base consists of two terminals one for incoming supply and the other for the outgoing supply. The actual fusing current must be twice the rated current. Here the fusing current is the minimum current causing the fuse to rupture, and the current rating is the maximum current which the fuse can sustain without rupturing. what is the fusing factor for rewireable fuse ? Very useful. 3 The current rating of an HRC fuse is 20 A and the fusing factor is 1.25; the fuse will rupture at 20 ð 1.25 D 25 A. The normally used fuse wires are lead and aluminum. comparison between hrc fuse and rewirable, comparison between HRC fuse and rewireable fuse, comparr Rewirable fuse hrc fuse and circuit breakers, Construction of a semi-enclosed rewirable fuse, current carrying capacity of rewrirable fuse, define HRC fuse or rewireable cartridge fuse, defined the following and state where they are used in the power system rewirable fuse hbc fuse string insulator and relay, definition of rewireable fuse and where it is used in power system. Comparison bet HRC fuse and rewireable fuse? Loosen the terminal screws and remove the blown out fuse wire. The tube is filled with silica. Example: NH3 Production (Haber-Bosch Process). Rewirable fuse is also known as kitkat fuse. what are the advantage of a rewirable fuse over cartridege fuse, what are the advantage of rewireable fuse, What is fusing factor in electrical circuit protection, what is rewireable fuse and were to apply them, what is the difference between circuit breaker and rewireable fuse, What is the difference between HRC and HBC fuse, what is the difference between HRC and rewireable fuse, what is the different rewireable fuse and catridge fuse, what is the function of fusea and defi e fusing factor, what is the fusibg factor for rewireable fuse. Fuses are always connected before the load in series to the supply. These fuses are fast acting, and can discriminate between a starting surge and an overload. Phase Equilibrium in Mixtures:Gas Solubility, Henry’s Law. 2. Construction. Electrical / Electronic device that protects the circuit from different electrical faults like over current and overload This is achieved by locating a protective device at the commencement of each circuit in the form of a fuse or circuit breaker. The current ratings for tinned copper wire are shown in Table 6. For example: 1 A 5 A fuse ruptures only when 9 A flows; it has a fusing factor of 9/5 or 1.8. Steam Heating Systems:Upfeed One-Pipe Relief System. 1. Commissioning of refrigerating systems:Oil addition and removal, Packaged Units: Electric Air Conditioning and Gas Heating, Hydronic System Architecture:Chilled Water. Usually one or more strands of fuse wires are used as fuse element. They have the advantages over the rewireable types of not deteriorating, of being more accu- rate in breaking at the rated value, and of not being subject to arcing. And your expertise in electrical engineering can be well seen in your hubs. Because of its simplicity and cheapness rewirable fuses are employed in the protection against short circuit and overload on low and medium voltage circuits only. how is h r c fuse different from cartridge type fuse? It has a porcelain base which is carrying the fixed contact through which the live wires are connected. why HRC is perfected over rewireable fuses?

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