The intranet homepage can have a web part showing all news from all sites increasing the visibility of these important departmental updates and removing Corporate Communications or IT as the roadblock to post on the homepage. In your Site Pages library, click on “Add Column” and then “Show/hide columns” at the bottom of the popup. Email notifications destroy our focus as they continually interrupt active work. I removed the web part and added it again, which helped, but it may be wise to not touch it too often! You can enable audience targeting on the news web part to target your messages to the right people. We tried to leave the header empty, the project manager edited the item, but everywhere her name showed up. By default this webpart (side-by-side) orders automatically, but you can change that. This news digest can be sent via email to a distribution list, Microsoft 365 Group or multiple people. Sending notifications to users when a SharePoint news item is posted is something which is commonly requested, both with clients and on the various tech forums which I frequent. My Communications colleague helped the project team out with their first efforts, but she did not want to appear as the author. In real life it means that you generally get a decent result without being able to predict it. This will keep the article in the Site Pages library, but will remove it from any views. And please note that this order goes for this web part only! Create and share your news on SharePoint sites. Then select the “Promoted State” column to add to the view. 1. As I have only one user in my tenant I can not show it in a screenshot, but I have tested it at work and yes, that is the solution. If you create a News digest, you create another page in that library. You can unpublish as follows: Go to the Site Pages library, hover over the article and click the 3 vertical dots. SharePoint News is a great feature, however we have many clients where an auto digest email of missed news is not appropriate. One of the ways modern web parts can be used is to build modern pages for sharing news across an organization. Sharepoint News Digest Not pulling through images Hi, I have just tried sending a news digest from Sharepoint online and have noticed that the news stories that are set up as 'news posts' are working fine and the image is appearing, however those stories that are set up as 'news links' aren't pulling through the image that has been set for them. By João Ferreira Oct 19, 2020 News, SharePoint 0 Comments. Since news is a page within a library, this means it also falls within the Microsoft 365 search scope. That will be my next blog as this one is quite long already! Embracing the capabilities in SharePoint news instead of traditional emails to share company updates will enrich your news posts, drive more engagement with the updates, allow for better targeting of your messaging across the company, and empower more people in your organization to share their updates. Keep in mind that the header image is wide and low, but in other places the images are displayed as a “normal landscape image”‘. For official Microsoft content, see Microsoft 365 documentation. Once a new employee receives permission to view a SharePoint site, they will have the ability to read all previous news. It is incredibly challenging to find previous communication and sort in a logical order. SharePoint news, available in SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2019, enables you to communicate company updates, announcements, personnel news, and more in rich layouts with graphics, links, and embedded content. It does not suddenly show on top. On the New "News" section of SharePoint, when you add images to the page itself (Not banner) that has already been uploaded to the site, the photo after pressing publish disappears. Every site has a homepage and that’s it. It will inherently shift the way many companies are communicating with the benefit of greater productivity. Everyone in a global company may not need to hear about a benefits update in Mexico, so you can target that news to just the employees in that country. You cannot fix errors, missed attachments, or add any additional value to an email after it is sent… unless you send another. It feels like one-way communication, as we actively avoid the dreaded "reply all" which would spam our colleagues' inboxes. In my organization we use SharePoint sites mainly for document management (well, until I came along ). In earlier posts we have looked at SharePoint News and the News digest from the sender's perspective. In organizations where news is heavily vetted before sharing across the company, you may want to create communication guidelines and style guides to ensure the messaging is consistent across departments. In the modern SharePoint world, your site architecture is flat with different site collections spanning the organization. Site owners benefit from the decentralized content ownership with immediate access to share updates and employees benefit from this centralization of updates by having one trusted place to check on the intranet homepage - just like they had when it was an email in the beloved inbox. It makes therefore no difference for the order of appearance if you change the article after a few days. Since the advent of email, the most common way most organizations have shared news and updates to the entire organization at once has been through emails to a org-wide distribution list. Thanks to Christopher Webb for pointing that out. You can publish it again. It is a shift for the teams managing news to coach-and-enable instead of gather-and-curate. Deleting the page has the same effect, but the article will be gone, of course. Hi Suzy, generally Microsoft is not too generous with analytic insights. This is an open-source article with the community providing support for it. As we published the articles as soon as they were written, we had not noticed. This news web part can be configured to surface only that site's news, a filtered view of a site's news, or include news from other sites including a rollup of all sites part of a hub. Here is how it works. Delivering this news digest to email inboxes also captures some your colleagues who may be transitioning to this new process for sharing company updates. As Microsoft 365 continues to expand capabilities and offers us multiple communication channels to use, it may be time to shift your communication strategy to leverage alternate solutions like SharePoint news to increase employee engagement. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you really want to make it “stick”, use it in a non-grouped view. Reverting to an earlier version helped now and then, but as soon as I hit the “Edit” or “Select news to organize” buttons, an empty page glared at me. Thank you, Susan Hanley! Once there are four or more stories in a news web part, you can send a news digest. Once there are four or more stories in a news web part, you can send a news digest. The traditional emailed newsletter requires a lot of administrative work from one person or a small team to gather updates, centralize, format, and share. 15 things to know about creating SharePoint News, Creating banners for your online SharePoint pages, Make your Teams meeting screen work for you, SharePoint homepage and News overview: 48, 2 = News article page, published or unpublished. I appreciated their inquisitiveness and it was fun to research all their questions, find new blogs and support pages, see User Voice items, etc. How to disable automatic news digest from SharePoint. Unfortunately all News article pages live in the same Site Pages library, including your site’s homepage and any other page not related to News. Scroll down in the menu on the right-hand side and click on “Select news to organize”. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 21047. This is a great way for users to catch up on news that they may have otherwise missed.

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