Its really bad here. That's Massachusetts for you! It seriously is just a tornado-filled nation that gets heat that is absurd, as in like 120 Farenhieght. We just have to check the temperature for the day. I just love it here! There are some states with colder winters and some with hotter summers than Nebraska gets, but I've never been to a state that gets unbearably miserable heat and bitter cold like NE. Way too hot and humid in the summer, cold but not cold enough for it to snow in winter and the spring is either damp and cold, way too humid or raining. In Jefferson City, it reaches 90 degrees in summer and it snows a lot in the winter. Spring and fall also don't exist anymore just a couple depressing weeks of rain and/or cold. The summers are hot and sticky. Rest assured it will be raining or cloudy Saturday/ Sunday. Windy with ice, sleet, snow and rain in the winter (which makes it difficult to travel safely without nearly breaking or twisting something) but it is the only time, I think, Chicago is the sunniest, next to Summer, which lasts for 2 months. Indiana has about 5 nice (by California standards) days per year. Wind most of the year that makes it uncomfortable to take walks. It snows but the roads are kept clear. Daylight saving time is terrible! Depends on how you define "hot" and "cold." We never seem to have a normal spring which can differ by as much as 4-6 weeks year to year. It's not uncommon at any point in the year to go a week or more without seeing the sun at all. The summers are PERFECT, though. It's winters are mistakenly lumped int with the much more frigid winters of Minnesota. Also, it's always storming in the summer, good luck going to the pool! There is always humidity in summer and a lot of wind in winter. Oh god.. I can’t imagine how bad Alaska would be, and to add to that how gloomy it would be. Tornadoes, mosquitoes, and fire ants don't help either. The real estate prices here are ridiculously high, in part because of the nice weather. Oh, and also the tornadoes. When the week the snowstorm was suppose to hit, we woke up and looked out our windows. In the winter we often experience temperatures as low as -6 degrees. (In the basement due to tornadoes! This should be number one humidity is awful especially during the summer. It always seems to be dark here. Also, if you are not familiar with New England weather, that's when it can be like 70 degrees one day and than the next day it's like 10 degrees. Fall is overrated; a few nice days but mostly gray, rainy and rapidly losing daylight. Snowfall is quite heavy in winter, coupled with occasional warm ups that will test your ice skating skills everywhere. It gets the worst weather from each (tornadoes, heat waves and blizzards, respectively). No matter the season. Are k cup coffees pods safe to make in a coffee cup in the microwave ? Every day. The high humidity makes it feel hotter than it actually is, making what could potentially be a perfectly-sunny day into a nastily-sticky day. Hence the term...rain date. Better like the indoors here! The temperature can range from below freezing in the morning to piping hot in the afternoon. Tornado-filled desert. It drizzles or rains almost every day. The winters are beautiful but the price of that beauty is shoveling snow, slippery roads, defrosting cars, etc. In Arizona, the Phoenix area, I expect hot in the problem, AC indoors, misters outdoors, just don't stand on the pavement in the afternoon sun. Too hot is uncomfortable and maybe gross, but manageable with enough water and uv protection. Good news is there is a summer for maybe a couple of months but you'll miss it if you have to work like most people since it only exist Monday - Friday. It's the drain for all bad weather anywhere in the country. There is only about 1 week of Fall and Spring per year on average. I don't understand why it's so high. It's not so hot for months on end in many of it's regions. ... To be not too hot and not too cold, it would have to be coastal. The Day high will be 59 F and raining, by the next morning It will be 17 F and snowing.. pretty drastic for not having mountainous terrain. You can NEVER trust the weatherman here.

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