To access the national examination syllabuses, please visit SEAB website. 2020 Secondary 3 Subject Combinations a) Possible Subject Combinations This page provides information on SEC enforcement actions, opinions issued by the Commission, briefs filed by SEC staff, trading suspensions, and notices concerning the creation of investors claims funds in specific cases. 2021 Subject Combination for Sec 3 Express • All Sec 3E students must take at least 6 subjects andup to 7 subjects • Must offer the following subjects (a) English Language (b) Mother Tongue [HCL, CL, CL(B), TL, TL (B), ML, ML(B)] (c) Mathematics (d) A Science subject (e) Combined Humanities The Sec 2 Overall Sec 1 (2021) students Students and parents need not visit the school after the Sec 1 Posting Outcomes are announced on 22 Dec 2020. Tentative Subject Combinations for Sec 3 Normal Academic 2021 NO. Please refer to school website/Parents Gateway for information if you are joining us in 2021. 12 October 2020 Dear Parent / Guardian SUBJECT COMBINATIONS FOR SEC 3 NORMAL ACADEMIC COURSE 2021 Information Sheet for Parents/Guardians 1. SUBJECT COMBINATIONS Based on Current Sec 3 (2020) Possible Subject Combinations (Express) Core Subjects (4) Other Subjects (3) English Language Mother Tongue Language Mathematics Humanities (Social Studies, Geography) or (Social Studies, History) Chemistry Physics; or Information Booklet for 2020 Secondary 3 Subject Combinations This information booklet aims to help Sec 2 students make informed decisions in their subject choices for upper secondary and work towards the subjects they wish to study. Arts Education; Character & Citizenship Education; Humanities; English Language and Literature; Mother Tongue Languages; Physical Education; Sciences; Other Subjects; Approved Textbook List; Examination Syllabuses. Availability of places for each subject combination Certain subjects may not be offered after the subject selection exercise if there are insufficient students to start a class The school reserves the right to allocate students relevant subjects if they do not meet the criteria. Please note that the list of subject combinations above is subjected to change. SUBJECTS 1 English Language* 2 Mother Tongue* ( Chinese / Malay / Tamil / Others) 3 Mathematics* 4 Combined Science* ( Physics / Chemistry) 5 Humanities Social Studies & Geography ... 2020. It contains the following information: 1. SECONDARY 3 SUBJECT COMBINATION 2021(E/NA) 3 2. Please choose the subject combinations based on your daughter’s/ward’s Sec 2 Overall results which is an indication of her interests, strengths and weaknesses. Failure to do so, student will be laterally transferred to Sec 3 Normal (A) in 2020. The list is NOT indicative of subject combinations that would be offered. 2021 Sec 3 Subject Combination Options (For 2020 Sec 2 students) Subject Combination Event Dates for 2020 (Tentative) Date Event Term 2, Week 2 (NA & EXP: CCE+FT periods) (NT: CCE period) Subject Combination Subject Talks Term 2, Week 4 (FT period) Subject Combination Preference Survey There is no retention at Secondary 2 Express. Subject Syllabuses. Timetable for T1W6 updated 07 Feb 2020; Subject Teachers List updated 07 Feb 2020; How to Beat the Bug! Promotion Criteria for Secondary 2 2.1 Secondary 2 Express to 3 Express Criterion: Pass in English and an overall percentage pass in the average of all subjects. Proposed List of Standard Subject Combinations for 2021 JC 1 Updated Info Oct 2020!

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