wait. $109.00 $ 109. In the age of loneliness, Becca shows us how to feel like we truly belong — to each other, to the earth, and to ourselves. If you feel that your melon lacks in sweetness, add a small amount (1/8 C) of organic cane sugar. This particular batch took the full 15 days (I think my kitchen runs cold and fermentation prefers warmer temperatures), but I started tasting for the perfect balance of sweet and tart beginning on day 10. If you allow them to second ferrment for too long, those gasses in the jar can create quite an explosion. Becca is a writer, womxn’s coach, and host of the Belonging podcast. Éclaboussures estivales de pastèque avec des notes acidulées de cerise et de citron vert. There are many online resources for learning how to make kombucha (I recommend this blog post or this amazing book) so, for this post, I'll go over some basics but leave you to do more research if you need it. Shop GT's Enlightened Synergy Watermelon Wonder Organic Kombucha - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. 1. Fruity ; Smooth ; Find In Store. When I first started making kombucha, I kept the kombucha bottles from store bought kombucha. Fabuleux Melon D’Eau . Yeah it was really trial and error for me.. Renew. Repeat with the remaining bottles, making sure to allow a few inches of headspace in the bottle for expansion during the second ferment. Hello… never had kombucha but would like to try this… how do you make or acquire scoby if this is the first time???? If you don’t have a brew of kombucha ready to bottle, you will want to see our DIY on growing your own SCOBY from scratch. Required fields are marked *. Store the bottles at room temperature to allow for carbonation and fizzy goodness. We would pick up every time we hit up the store for random items. Thank you for posting the recipe. I am wondering, in your pictures I see that you keep the kombucha in A plastic container. Usually it’s 2-3 days for me. You could also make a mean spicy watermelon kombucha margarita with some sliced jalapeno and a little salt on the rim. Say yes, even if you're worried you won't fit in. Rebalance. 2 offers from $6.00. just found your site and love your recipes! Required fields are marked *. Scoop out the flesh and chop into smaller pieces on your cutting board - no need to remove seeds. Then you will have to add the scobys to the NEW batch. Hi! Slice the ends off of your personal size watermelon, and then slice again the long way. Hi love this idea to use watermelon. Place that watermelon (and optional mint) in the blender with a tiny (1/8 C of less) amount of water to get it started. I bottle it after the second ferment. Your email address will not be published. Should I be emptying the container and scrubbing it each time? Learn how to second ferment your kombucha with a juicy, ripe watermelon! © Becca Piastrelli 2020 | Designed with Love by, Deepen Your Roots & Remember Your Belonging. Related Products. Just don’t let those set out too long or they will explode. Health-Ade Passion Fruit Tangerine Kombucha - 16 fl oz. I bought the swing top bottles on amazon here: That is the one which I really enjoyed in the beginning, until I tasted “Watermelon”. I started with a scoby from a friend and now I see another forming. I experimented with flavors galore – strawberry, to ginger apple, to apple cinnamon, pineapple peach, to finally… watermelon. ... synergy kombucha watermelon wonder They also have good info on the process. LUV BOX-GT’s Organic & Raw Kombucha, Gingerberry ,Enlightened Synergy,16 fl oz.,12 pk. I'll send you weekly-ish emails about our longing to belong, living with the seasons, and connecting with ancestors to enjoy with your morning warm beverage. by the way where do you get those lovely flip-top bottles? For everyone, everywhere. My favorite flovore of all these kombucha drinks! This ancient elixir is traditionally crafted with a sweetened tea base and a live Kombucha culture (Scoby). Once blended, strain out all the seeds and solid bits. Rekindle. The cashier next to me, with his luscious waist-length hair, was always drinking a bottle of green kombucha and I was just plain curious. Synergy Kombucha. However, I will be the first to say, I haven’t found many beverages that do a good job of replicating the flavor. Let it ferment. However, if your melon is lacking in sweetness, add 1/8 - 1/4 C. sugar to the blender while you puree the flesh. Synergy Kombucha. Copyright ©2020, Rebooted Mom. Let me know! The small, personal size watermelons seem to work best for making this kombucha as it yields just the right amount of juice to suit a batch (6 bottles) of kombucha. If the melon is sufficiently sweet, there is no need to add more sugar. (I say this from experience – once, my husband opened his right before an interview and it fizzed up all over his pants!). Learn how your comment data is processed. LUV BOX-Variety GT’s KOMBUCHA Synergy Kombucha Pack,16 fl oz,12 pk,Watermelon Wonder , Guava Goddess. Gts Kombucha Synergy Watermelon Wonder - 16 Fl. Be sure to put your scoby into your new batch and brew for another 1-2 weeks. Though we live in Phoenix, we were actually visiting Flagstaff at the time. Good luck!!! I have seen a kombucha explosion and it’s not fun to clean up! I was a cashier at a popular natural foods grocery chain the summer before my senior year in college. i have vodka and watermelon mixed i was wondering if i can use that watermelon as my mother tea, this is my first time making kombucha i was just wondering if you can help a brotha out. Strain the tea and pour the liquid into a very clean (I can't emphasize this enough. It was a powerful time for me — awakening my creativity after suppressing it for so long — but this space has since evolved to reflect the woman I’m becoming. And does it keep gazzy enough ?? But, after hearing about the health benefits of this magical fermented tea, I went for it. But before you bottle, you'll need to prepare  new pot of sugar-tea mixture for your next batch. Select locations now offer curbside pickup & … Health-Ade. You'll see the new scoby begin to form at the top of the mixture. back when I was known as The Dabblist and was exploring all sorts of ways I could create beautiful things with my hands. Watermelon Kombucha is the most recent awesome brew that I have tried yet. Enlightened. Pour watermelon juice into kombucha, to taste. I remember the first time I tried kombucha. I was learning about organics, compostable plastic, and the various uses for psyllium husk. Watermelon is largely water, and so it shouldn’t take too long for the pieces to “catch” on the blade. Thank you so much for this wonderful post! Add the starter tea before placing the scoby on top with clean hands. After two days, move the bottles to the fridge and enjoy within a week. At first smell, I wasn't exactly thrilled with its vinegary aroma. If you keep them too long at room temperature, you risk a large build up of pressure in the bottles. I added about 1/4 c. of juice per bottle for a lighter, crisper flavor. Linda, I was wondering that also, I just put chunks of watermelon in a bottle of Kombucha and it turned white on top so I dug the fruit out and was wondering if I should just throw the tea away also. GREEN BAY, WI – (UPDATE) This week’s Ultimate Kombucha Taste Test with GTS Synergy’s Watermelon Wonder, SHOULD have been an easy fix.

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