In a separate saucepan bring 4 cups of water to a boil. It seems like your Basil Rice is very easy to make. I know how frustrating it can be when our canine family members do not behave as we wish them to (we once had a pack of seven dogs in the household!) the tomato rice was super and family enjoyed. I usually cook it with fish as a side dish — one note– be careful with the sugar- last time I didn’t measure and added too much that made it too sweet which took away from the flavor of the rice…. For brown rice, cook on low for around 40 minutes. All the usual suspects are present. . tomato paste, rice, onion powder, ground cumin, onion, chicken stock and 5 more. Thank you, thank you for this lovely rice recipe. Oooh I love it! Add the rice and cook until tender, … I want to cook them all, and I have to choose between them, which is very difficult. Your email address will not be published. Add garlic and onion, cook until translucent, 2 - 3 minutes. Stir through fresh basil. Copycat of a popular convenience pack seasoned rice, this is a terrific recipe base that can be adapted with your herbs of choice! Let it sizzle on high heat for a few minutes if you like your com do a little crispy. It was very tasty, will be making this again soon! . He didn’t even notice….. so much for punishment! just wondering how accurate is the serving slide? Add garlic and onion, cook until translucent, 2 - 3 … Mexican Rice & Beef Tacos Knorr. N xx. Then leave to stand for another 5 minutes, uncovered. Aunty Nagi rice all the way!! Add remaining ingredients except basil. Add, Cut pork chops into small ... peppers, oregano and, SUGAR COOKIES FOR ROLLING (COOKING SCHOOL), LAST MAC N CHEESE RECIPE YOU'LL EVER MAKE. I love this recipe and decided to make it for New Year’s Eve. I guess I can’t take my middle eastern heritage out of me. You are wasting your time trying to do so! . He drooled on someone over an apple, so we made him wear an apple sticker Badge of Shame all day. . Season with salt, pepper, and Maggi. I love hearing how you went with my recipes! Thankyou! Hi Nagi my mum used to make something very similar hers was just tomato rice. fresh spinach, small onion, water, ground turkey, tomato paste and 5 more. Add basil and cook for 20 seconds - don't let it burn. Upgrade your meal with this Tomato Basil Rice! Please keep the rice dishes coming – rice is my favourite food and I’ve loved experimenting with all your flavoured rice dishes! Crush basil sprig in hand, drop on surface then push in (leave on surface, don't stir). Since the orzo has a shorter cooking time than rice I simmered everything except the orzo and sprig of basil for 10 minutes, then added the orzo and basil and simmered until the orzo was tender. God bless and a special hug to Dozer. Medium grain white rice is the next best, followed by short grain rice. Haha! Basil is actually quite a delicate herb and a rather fussy one at that – it doesn’t like to be cooked (loss of flavour, turns black, limp and sad) so to get good basil flavour into anything it needs to be used fresh. Remove basil sprig. I am the chosen one! Made this in the pressure cooker. – N x. Hi Nagi, I made this for dinner tonight using orzo instead of rice, as my box of rice was nearly empty. THANK. Mix until tomato paste is dissolved. This will be a big deal in my house because I have not cooked in over five months, many stresses unfortunately, but I know things must be better when I look at your recipe and actually yearn to make it. I’m sorry to hear about your stresses Faith. N xx. . I believe you can make great food with everyday ingredients even if you’re short on time and cost conscious. N x. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. So I printed it, have every ingredient on hand and all that is left is cook, smell the lovely aromas of tomato and basil then eat the results. Another winner Nagi! Hi Mel! . So glad you enjoyed it Barb, thanks for letting me know!! Anyhow, looking forward to more of your recipes. . Subscribe to my newsletter and follow along on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for all of the latest updates. I was really surprised that it said I needed 5.25 cups of stock. for me as a side and yes, I have used other tomato-friendly herbs singly or in combination . – Nagi x, Crispy Garlic Chicken Thighs (above) |  Honey Garlic Chicken  | Crispy Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce |  Baked Fish with Lemon Cream Sauce | Garlic Prawns / Shrimp |  Rissoles, | Salmon Cakes (or use tuna!). In addition to which, you should totally feel free to switch the basil with whatever herb you want – just adjust the quantity to taste depending on how strong the flavour of the herb with. Fluff with fork, taste for salt. I look forward every week to what recipes I will be trying in my kitchen next. A good hit of fresh basil right at the end just before serving. thanks again for a wonderful and easy recipe, Hi Nagi. I am so glad I found you! Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. She passed without me getting the recipe, this is so damn close and brought back so many memories. N xx. Other than that, I think it’s the sort of side that will go with almost anything. Thanks heaps! So after a few instances of unevenly cooked rice, I deemed it “too risky” and defaulted back to tomato paste which works every time. Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Cheers, Hi Johara, yes that’s the correct amount of stock for that much rice . I am just so grateful for your blog, Nagi! before adding rice, broth, tomato paste and some seasonings. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying my recipes! Nagi, you are amazing with your truly wonderful recipes. I used the serving slide to Change to 3 cups of uncooked rice. Turned out lovely with your Thai wings. but they must be forgiven, for all the unconditional love they offer us even when we misbehave is no small achievement. I love your style of cooking even down to the notes and videos. Changed it a bit, no prawns. Please adjust all the ingredients Click on Servings and SLIDE to scale the recipe to the amount you want! Thanks you for the compliment Corrie! * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Required fields are marked *. It’s a straightforward recipe to make, starting off like a pilaf with garlic and onion sautéed in olive oil along with dried basil (just a little sauté really makes the flavour bloom!) Ooooh, looks so great! As for Dozer, how can you shame such a wonderful friend for being his doggy self? No-Stir Creamy Lemon & Herb Baked Risotto, Carnitas (Mexican Slow Cooker Pulled Pork). I’ll definitely try this out. Add in the tomato pure and salt. Thank you. Should I precook brown rice. Turned out lovely with your Thai wings. Remove from heat and set aside, covered, for 10 minutes. Hungry for more? can i cook in rice cooker? Mexican Rice Casserole The Harvest Skillet. Thanks Nagi, but I put much less and it was still a bit too mushy for my liking. Dried Basil sautéed with the onion and garlic; A generous sprig of basil cooked with the rice; and. And though you get slightly better tomato flavour using tomato passata / puree, it’s actually quite difficult to ensure all the rice cooks through evenly. Used option 3. Tastes like a tomato basil pasta – in rice form. it was a huge hit with my family. But I do love the flavors and will definitely be doing it many more time. So add water to make up the difference, and it should be done in 25 to 30 minutes. Added frozen veggies at the end. Various forms of tomato rice is big in Asia! Used option 3. But having said that, if the basil is left out or substituted with chives or green onions, it would be terrific with loads of Asian foods. That old git Uncle Ben is officially banished from my pantry. You lift my day sky high with your recipes ideas. So to make a Tomato Basil Rice that actually does taste of basil, I get it in there 3 ways: I probably wouldn’t serve this Tomato Basil Rice with Asian food because basil isn’t really a flavour associated with Asian cuisine. . Am loving your recipes, Hi Keith! Looking forward to the entire journey, may even include your Garlic Chicken Thighs if I’m feeling brave. You’re the best. Think I have used passata . Have made similar but shall tweak the recipe exactly your way next time . Allow mixture to come to a boil, stir in the rice and reduce heat to medium-low or low, just so that a … This was delicious. You just need to cook clever and get creative! Tag me on Instagram at. Happy New Year!! I have two tubs of fresh basil just begging to star in a wonderful copycat rice dish from down under. N x. hello Nagi, tried this recipe for weekday dinner with pan-fried salmon. I tried a few times with passata, I find it works better in the oven but for stove, sometimes the rice didn’t cook through evenly Have a great weekend Eha! Hi Rachel, a great side with fish (or anything really) – I’m so glad you love it! When you see the ingredients below, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a pasta sauce recipe. Made this in the pressure cooker with raw rice. Canned tomato was all round disappointing – both in rice textures, flavour and look. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Ingredients: 16  (broth .. choice* .. honey .. juice .. oil .. paprika ...), Ingredients: 9  (oil .. rice .. salt ...), Ingredients: 9  (beans .. crisco .. flakes .. olives .. rice .. salt ...), Ingredients: 16  (beef .. broth .. celery .. leaf .. oil .. rice ...), Ingredients: 12  (cheese .. oil .. olives .. rice .. sauce .. soup ...), Ingredients: 8  (oil .. rice .. salt .. shrimp ...), Ingredients: 18  (celery .. juice .. oil .. onions .. rice .. salt ...), Ingredients: 10  (oil .. onions .. rice .. roman .. soup ...), Ingredients: 10  (chops .. garlic .. grease .. oregano .. rice .. salt ...), Ingredients: 9  (beans .. onion .. sofrito ...), In a saucepan or skillet ... iron) brown the, In a medium saucepan, over medium heat, fry, In a pot, melt Crisco.

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