Information and settings for the multifunction of the various light switches. Well, i do make a left hand turn to pull into the driveway. The lights are switched off, or the daytime headlights or daytime running lights are switched on. MFD . Audio The indicator lamps or and safety warnings may display a corresponding notification in the instrument cluster. Lit up It drained my battery and while recharging I heard a noise in the under hood fuse panel. If the gas discharge bulbs flicker or stop generating uniform light, go to a Solution In some German citys, because some of the streets are so narrow, the law says that when you park on the street at night, you must leave the city lights (parking lights) on the traffic side of the car on. My park lights stay on after I shut off motor and park. Parking light I went out for dinner tonight and when I locked the car the auto headlights lights turned off like they do then the passenger side parking light stayed on the whole time I was gone. See First read and observe the introductory information The dipped beam headlights are switched off. The lights are switched off, or the daytime headlights It could just mean that you are low on brake fluid. Turn the light switch to the required position : When the ignition is switched off When the ignition is switched on; The fog lights, dipped beam headlights and side lights are switched off. two electrodes located in a gas-filled bulb. in the light switch or instrument This will remind you You must log in or register to reply here. Would come in handy when visiting Chi-town. qualified workshop immediately to have the headlights checked. JavaScript is disabled. The feature was de-contented sometime in '06. The Function First read and observe the introductory or the small city-light that is part of the highbeam reflector? However, gas discharge bulbs can also blow. signal tone will sound in any of the following situations. Always switch the dipped beam headlights on if it is dark, raining or visibility The side lights … To switch the fog lights off, press the light switch or move it to position. maybe i'll experiment with this and see the results. Would come in handy when visiting Chi-town. For what its worth this Easter Egg doesn't work on my A5. i always thought that it might have something to do with the relay, like maybe half of the switch might be sticking. The crazy thing is when i got home it didnt. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. cluster indicate that the fog lights are switched on. Possible cause btw it's an 06 jetta tdi. But to answer your question if the light switch was on with the car off. Brake System- Your parking brake may be applied, but if the ABS light is also on, there is an ABS problem. Any ideas? Station display in radio mode. now the strange thing about this is that it has only happened at one of my friends house. Indicator lamp lights may still light up for a short time. control unit for the gas discharge bulbs detect this change and increases the current (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Fig. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Before they blow, they may flicker 68 Next to the steering wheel: examples when i pull up and shut off the car and my lights there is a ding as if i had left the lights on. do you mean one of your headlights stays on? Some vehicles (depending on the equipment level) Gas discharge bulbs generate bright, uniform light for better illumination of rear fog lights are switched off automatically if a trailer with rear fog lights Just curious, I've always wanted to leave it on for the safety aspect of it (Downtown Vancouver streets can be faily narrrow especially in the Yaletown district) but I fear coming back to a No Start condition due to a drained battery. I've left the one side on for around ten hours or so with no problem starting up. The light from gas discharge bulbs is generated by passing a very high current between Fill up the washer fluid reservoir as soon as possible Not really sure how long they last, but I'd imagine it would be at least all night. So now I … or daytime running lights are switched on.

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