And this is your most major problem. Discover premium Yellow Birch Hardwood Flooring for your decor. This is one of the most moisture unstable of all the commonly used hardwood floors. You are absolutely correct when you say that filler is not wood. This wood offers striking color variation, ranging from its light colored sapwood to its earthy reddish brown heartwood. RELATIVE STABILITY OF SELECTED WOOD FLOORING SPECIES American Beech True Hickory Jarrah Red Oak White Oak Hard Maple Yellow Birch Pecan Brazilian Cherry* White Ash Black Walnut Douglas Fir Southern Yellow Pine Heart Pine Black Cherry Santos Mahogany Purple Heart Wenge* Teak Padauk Australian Cypress* Merbau* Mesquite 0.00129 0.00158 0.00162 0.00180 0.00186 0.00201 0.00212 … Yellow Birch ranges in color from buttery pale yellows with subtle grain and character to more complex patterns and tones featuring rich reds and complex browns. The standard office door in the US is a veneer of yellow birch (ca. Yellow Birch is about the same hardness as White Oak. Northern Yellow Birch Flooring Specifications. Janka Hardness: 1260. This plain sawn grade of Birch flooring has all the naturally occurring wood characteristics such as knots, vivid color and grain variations and makes a dramatic addition to any decorating look. I can only guess how many of these doors have been installed in office buildings and schools around the nation. If I said 30 million, I’d be confident of reasonable accuracy. Yellow Birch. Popular Grades of Yellow Birch Wood Flooring: Select and Better » #1 Common » #2 Common » Shop online now for Yellow Birch Flooring » Origin: The United States and Canada. For more than 40 years, Mercier Wood Flooring has been providing safe and ecoresponsible hardwood flooring. The species is generally straight-grained with a fine uniform texture, typically characterized by a plain and often curly or wavy pattern. Standard door size is 3’0″ by 6’8″, which makes about 42 square feet of veneer. So I’m sorry to say your builder choose the worst wood to use in a climate like Ottawa. Similar to Maple, it is hard and strong, making it a good choice for high-traffic areas. Only now do you finally tell me that the birch hardwood is Yellow BIRCH hardwood floor. Top. Yellow Birch is available in the Coastal grade as a popular choice among those desiring diversity in a floor's appearance. 1/16″) over a particle core. Find the perfect hardwood floor by browsing thousands of combinations of colors, species and wood grades to pick the ideal match for your decor.

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